The Liver of Western medicine and Chinese medicine are thus not that different; Whilst Western medicine sees the liver primarily as an organ of poison detoxification, protein and clotting formation and assisting in digestion, Chinese medicine sees it as an organ of detoxification of Wind, smooth flow of Blood and Qi, and assisting in digestion. The difference is in the details and how this is seen to function. Furthermore, the absence of Qi within Western medicine does not allow for connections in Acupuncture theory that become self-evident when considering the fascia and embryology. Leg JueYin - The Liver channel In English football there has only ever been one general. I raise my glass to the inestimable gentleman of sport, a prince of the public, and a general of football - Sir Bobby Charlton. One of Marcus Aurelius's quotes leave no room for doubt. Impassive and motionless as the rock, to which the angry waves of the ocean frequently strike. Until they back off. They Have to Prove Who They Are. Not My Mind Our brain has an incredible ability to make decisions in a second based on years of knowledge on a particular topic. Unfortunately, it's just as quick to judge people we don't know or to reinforce stereotypes. In today's stoic philosophy, it's time to re-examine because to let the subconscious take power. The importance of styling to ask questions such as, What do I know about this person? Maybe in the past, I was overweight and hated myself as a person, and my great mind to see a fat man immediately jumps to look at him with bad eyes. Understanding Borderline Behaviors within Relationships If your partner has BPD, you really need to understand the nature of the disorder before you can try to improve your relationship, get professional help for understanding your own feelings, or even choose to end the relationship. We strongly recommend that you read articles 3 through 10 to fully appreciate the complexities of what you're dealing with.

Most nonprofessionals don't know a great deal about BPD. Therefore, many partners can easily begin to question their own sanities when they end up in relationships with people who have BPD. This section discusses some of the most problematic BPD behaviors that make staying in a relationship with someone with the disorder challenging. We discuss what these behaviors feel like, and, in subsequent sections, we give you ideas for dealing with them. We hope this information helps you anchor yourself in reality again. People with BPD don't consciously and intentionally act the way they do. Their problems have a long history and are rooted in both biology and early childhood experiences. I can furnish, in writing, the details of these arrangements, as well as the names of the contact people we worked with. Most important, all of those accounts are now currently up-to-date. The following is a phone call response to a query made earlier by the loan officer: YOU: I was surprised and distressed to hear that the SOL Credit Reporting Agency reported late payments to ABC Company. Larson, this report is in error. I have contacted SOL to advise them of their error and to demand that they correct it. I have also contacted Claire Peters at ABC Company, who has agreed to send you directly a letter confirming that the credit report is indeed in error and affirming our good payment record with them. She'll fax that to you, following it up in the mail with hard copy. Larson, I will call again early next week to confirm that you have received Ms. Peters's letter, and I trust that this credit reporter's error will not delay processing our application. Despite the enormity of the issues, however, much of the media coverage of the event focused on a single sheet of paper that had been carelessly left by one of the attendees at a press conference. The newspapers had managed to get hold of a article of scribbled notes and doodles apparently made by Tony Blair during the event. They asked various graphologists to make a psychological assessment of the British prime minister on the basis of his handwriting and drawings.

The graphologists quickly rose to the challenge, noting how, for example, his disconnected letters, right-sloping writing, and strange way of writing d showed the Blair flair at work and revealed that he was struggling to keep control of a confusing world, was a day-dreamer hoping for the best, was unable to complete tasks, and possessed an unconscious death wish toward his political career. At the time, Blair was trying to deal with various political problems and scandals, including a forthcoming election with the smallest of majorities, and so the observations seemed to present an accurate insight into his personality. However, a few days later things did not look so rosy: Downing Street pointed out that the article did not belong to Blair but had instead been produced by fellow attendee Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and one of the world's most successful businessmen. According to the proponents of graphology, the Blair-Gates mix-up is just a small blot on their copyarticle. In general, they say, a person's handwriting can reveal amazingly accurate insight into their personality, intelligence, health, and even criminal intent. These claims are taken seriously by many personnel departments, with surveys revealing that between 5 percent and 10 percent of U. But is there really anything to it, or is graphology just another mind myth? Bobby Charlton, as a great midfielder, was able to distribute the ball where it was needed, when it was needed. From the middle of the pitch he had connections to all the players - defence, attack and the rest of midfield. In this way he was able to direct play and act like a general. The Liver also has this role: it has connections to all the organs through the peritoneum and so can direct play (Qi) as needed. Strangely, Bobby Charlton doesn't just resemble the functions of the Liver, but also the anatomy. You see, just like Bobby Charlton, on the uppermost part of the liver is the anatomical bald area. The crown' is called the coronary ligament (I was surprised to find coronary is Latin forcrown', not `heart' as I had always presumed) and is formed by the peritoneum. Imagine you are watching Bobby Charlton's majestic head slowly rise out of a calm lake. Before you can see his eyes, you see where a crown would sit. Now, presuming Bobby can still hold his breath, the water around his head represents the peritoneal reflections, and the whole of it forms a circle. I must re-teach and use reason not to jump into the wrong conclusions. You can relate to today's press: I can see a news story, but if it's shocking, it would be my turn to check it out first. It would be the responsibility of the medium, but in today's world, speed matters more than the sources for this, before jumping to hate for a headline, better to stop to think and check if it is necessary.

Deal with Problems as A Stoic Practicing Hard Times Even in quiet times, the soul prepares for difficult times, and when everything goes well, it strengthens against the blows of fate. The soldier does the drills in peacetime, builds trenches when there are no enemies and undergoes unnecessary fatigues to be able to support the necessary ones Seneca, Nero's counselor, before he forced him to commit suicide, suggested training to poverty one day a month. Little food, ruined clothes, away from the comforts So, ask yourself: Is this what I'm afraid of? We present the following information to help you better understand people with BPD and deal with the challenges of their behavior more effectively. Going to extremes Most people, whether they have BPD or not, have a lot of good qualities mixed in with some not-so-great ones. But people with BPD can't easily see people as a mix of both good and bad. Instead, their minds focus on one or the other at any given time. Therefore, they see their partners as either angels or devils -- and not much in between. One day your partner may see you as the most wonderful person who ever lived, and the next day (sometimes the next hour), your partner may view you with complete contempt. The following story about Anthony's relationship with Beth, who has BPD, illustrates how someone with BPD can flip from adoring, seductive behavior to demonizing, hateful behavior at the drop of a hat. Since his divorce two years ago, Anthony hasn't gotten serious with anyone -- that is, until now. He met Beth a couple of weeks ago, but he's already head-over-heels in love. YOU: We have made no secret of the financial problems we experienced last year. The delinquent accounts to which you refer, however, have been settled. I am faxing the relevant documents.

Flint, I think you'll agree that our most recent financial statements amply demonstrate that our difficulties are well behind us, and we are in a period of growth and increased profitability. Since June, our credit record--with banks as well as vendors--has been without blemish. We're not only a good risk, we're a good investment. When Things Go Wrong: Renegotiating Terms Sometimes temporary cash flow problems make it desirable or necessary to renegotiate the terms of a loan. This is a common situation, and it should be met with routine rationality. However, when Homo sapiens finds it difficult to meet monthly obligations, the species' prime and primal instinct is to run and hide. Researcher Geoffrey Dean has devoted a great deal of time to examining the topic, gathering hundreds of scientific studies and using them to examine the claims made by the proponents of this ancient art form. The results make for chilling reading. In one analysis, Dean collated the findings from sixteen academic papers that had examined graphology in the workplace. He compared graphologists' predictions of employee performance with supervisors' ratings of success during job training. The results revealed that there was little relationship between graphologists' predictions and the ratings of job success. In fact, the graphologists were about as accurate as a control group of untrained laypeople who had no experience in graphology at all. In another analysis, Dean examined studies in which researchers had compared graphologists' attempts to determine a person's character with that person's scores on scientifically validated personality tests. Dean collected the journal articles (this time fifty-three of them) and analyzed the results. Not only was the graphologists' accuracy poor, but control groups of people with absolutely no training or background in assessing personality from handwriting scored just as well as the so-called experts. When it comes to obtaining a graphology-based insight into the personality of others, the writing is on the wall. This circle is the coronary ligament. Now transfer this to the underside of the diaphragm; Now take Bobby out, give him a warm towel and a pint of ale.