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Managers need to covet the asset they have built in establishing credibility with others. This includes speaking the truth even when it is potentially hurtful. It is a behavior that forsakes the temptation to sidestep imparting likely pain to others for the presumed objective of maintaining calm and stability of the status quo. It is valuable to note that there are judgment calls to make about messages that others might not want to hear but that need to be imparted at some point. Managers must make a determination about the appropriate timing and immediate necessity of conveying bad news or difficult truths. The risks for bosses to balance are the threats intrinsic to non-disclosure in the near term of the truth versus the negative ramifications of disclosing the truth at the current time. While there may never be the absolute right time to convey a difficult truth, there may be a wrong time and place to do so. Managers need to apply their empathy skills (see methods discussed in Powerful Practice #2) to make this determination. Frequently Review Relevant Lessons Learned It is a best practice of project management to step back at the end of a project cycle to review important lessons learned, for use in improving processes to then apply in future similar efforts. What do each of you truly like or love? Ask each other that simple question. Try to reply in depth. What's really fun for you? What do you look forward to doing? Not what you wish you looked forward to doing, not what you think your mate wished you looked forward to doing, but what you honestly look forward to doing. On some days it could be something as simple as sleep. On other days, a glass of wine. And on other days . It is helpful for people who are married or living together to know what the other person considers to be fun and look-forward-to-able.

Just as athletes need to prepare mentally, as well as physically, to improve their performance, there is a similar need for women to prepare psychologically for labour and impending motherhood in order to get the best out of the experience. Essentially hypnobirthing is a form of antenatal education, an approach to birth that is both evidence-based and logical. You may be surprised to know that it's more scientific than anything else! In this article you will learn about the physiology of birth, and by that I mean how your body works on a muscular and hormonal level when in labour. This should boost your confidence and make it easier to trust that your body really does know what to do. Importantly, you learn how to work with your body (rather than unintentionally against it) to ensure the right hormones are produced, making labour more efficient and comfortable for you and your baby. You will discover that being calm and relaxed is key, and that this has a direct and positive impact on how your birth pans out. You will learn how to quickly and easily access a state of deep relaxation using the hypnobirthing toolkit: a combination of breathing techniques, visualisations, guided relaxation exercises, light-touch massage, positive affirmations and various other techniques. You will also learn how to make informed choices using a simple framework, so that you are in a position to navigate your birth - and any twists and turns - with confidence, armed with practical aids that ensure you feel calm and in control throughout. Crucially, hypnobirthing is not for only one type of birth, just as it's not for only one type of woman. However, research suggests this assumption is mistaken. Several studies have shown that police officers are about as (in)accurate as lay persons at catching liars. The police are about as reliable as a coin flip at judging whether someone is lying or not (scores range between 45 and 60 percent); In several studies, college students have even outperformed highly experienced police officers. One study involved college students and police investigators watching confession tapes of several prison inmates. Half the confessions were true and half were false. College students were better than investigators at identifying false confessions. Nevertheless, the police were more confident in their own judgments. In the previously mentioned studies, police investigators played a passive role. We might predict police officers would be more accurate in catching lies when they get to control the interrogation themselves.

For effective people managers, aggregating these prior lessons learned and sharing them as applicable with staff offers valuable opportunities to establish your technical credibility. The connection between sharing lessons learned in a coaching context and achieving higher levels of credibility as a competent leader lies in the admiration people have for individuals who routinely demonstrate value-adding expertise and, as importantly, are willing to share this expertise openly and willingly. Typically, staff prefers to grasp the rationale for the direction they receive about performing a required task in a certain way. When managers approach their leadership roles from a coaching perspective rather than a unilateral order-giver, they augment their supervisory relationship and credibility as a competent professional to follow. Credibility is a manifestation of the trust built about managers keeping their word and laying out work-related circumstances honestly, but also the trust shown by followers' sense of loyalty to sound thinking and evidence that prior lessons have been well-integrated into job coaching activities. Align Training Plans with Supervisory Direction Most successful organizations advocate a continuous learning environment to maintain and upgrade employees' relevant job skills. More than that, a learning organization is one in which managers are able to convey to their staff which competencies matter most for team success. Consequently, managers enhance their credibility by tailoring training activities that are in sync with what they advocate as essential for the team's ability to satisfy customer requirements. For example, if managers make a strong push for activities that conform to a quality management system that meets criteria established by independent credentialing bodies (eg, ISO 9001, CMMI, or JCAHO for healthcare providers) and then organize ongoing training sessions aligned with quality process improvement, they add credibility to the message they wish to convey that processes to meet standards and pre-set performance metrics really do matter. Then you can special-ize your marriage. So, explore with each other what you truly love to do, what you consider to be the most fun activities you know of. Then plan the next session time. Today's topic is money. No doubt, you've discussed this topic with each other before. Today, you will take a different approach. In keeping with one of the main purposes of this workarticle, which is to develop empathy and understanding, I want you each to discuss how you came to have the attitudes, feelings, and behaviors you currently have around money. Look back to your childhoods. How was money dealt with? What lessons, good and bad, did you learn from your parents and other family members about money?

Hypnobirthing is for every woman with a baby inside her uterus (you don't need to subscribe to any particular school of thought) and for every type of birth (from a natural water birth without intervention or pain relief, through to an unplanned caesarean). Many women come to hypnobirthing wanting a vaginal birth, but I always say that actually the mechanics of how a baby enters the world matter little long term in comparison to how the mother felt during the experience, because it's the feelings that last a lifetime. This is why a positive birth experience is so important and offers lifelong benefits for mothers, babies and entire families. It is well known that a positive birth significantly reduces a woman's risk of experiencing postnatal depression (PND) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Giving birth and becoming a mother to a small person is a monumental moment in a woman's life, whether it's her first time or fourth time, which is why birth really does matter. As much as motherhood is about winging it, putting some time into preparing for a positive birth is always worth it. In this article you will learn about inductions and caesareans and how you can make all births positive using hypnobirthing techniques. So, what constitutes a positive birth? I believe that a positive birth is a birth experience that leaves a woman feeling empowered rather than traumatised, a birth in which the mother's wishes are respected, she is listened to and feels calm, confident and informed throughout. Water birth, home birth, induction, caesarean - it's not one particular type of birth. In a two-part study, police investigators were asked to watch a video of a colleague conducting an interrogation, and they were also asked to freely conduct their own interrogation. Students were given the role of mock suspects who either did or did not commit a (fake) crime. When investigators conducted their own investigations, they did no better than they had when merely watching interrogations. Indeed, college students were able to trick thirty highly trained and experienced police investigators. The average accuracy rate of police officers was still only 56 percent, or six percent better than chance. Tell-Tale Signs of Deception There are several supposed indicators of deception, including gaze aversion, body shifts, and providing few details of the event in question. But are these actually cues to deception? Eye Accessing Cues It's often said that the eyes are the window to the soul.

Share Your Credo Statement Credo and credibility both begin with the same four letters, cred, a Latin root meaning believe and trust. In Powerful Practice #1 about expanding self-awareness, we advocated an exercise to write out your personal credo or I believe. These statements are important in helping you internalize your value system, but they are also very useful for application externally, with those you supervise, as a touchstone for decision-making and goal-setting activities. We encourage you to share your credo statement with new hires and occasionally thereafter, perhaps at all-hands meetings or certainly at team retreats. You can tell your team that it is useful intermittently to step back from the fray of daily work stressors to revisit one's guiding beliefs, and that you want everyone to know your credo since it serves as a foundation for the direction and coaching you provide to them on a routine basis. The action of doing so adds to your credibility in and of itself, since you are affirming that strategies and plans are a function of strongly held and admired beliefs. Of course, your credibility is enhanced further when your actions align with the credo statement without exception. Integrate the Values Announced by the Organization With Your Own When organizations publish their mission and vision statements, they set implicit expectations about behaviors that staff should expect of their leaders and in parallel that leaders should expect of their staff. What did money symbolize in your family? And what is the emotional meaning of money for each of you now? Don't discuss finances at all. Just how you came to be the way you are around money now, and what emotions money taps into. For example, for many people money represents basic security. Others measure their self-esteem by how much money they make. And others use money to control and manipulate people. It is a rich topic!The quantum realm is the fountainhead of pure potentiality, giving rise to the raw material of your body, your mind, and the physical universe. The quantum realm is the womb of creation, the invisible world where the visible is designed and assembled. We can summarize the key principles of quantum physics in five main points: