If we put folk medicine under the magnifying glass in regard to chamomile, it becomes difficult to find an ailment for which it does not at least offer some relief. Chamomile as matricaria (mother care) looks after mothers and their children. It helps with stomach problems and women's ailments, soothes the skin and relaxes the nerves. It is a good choice for relaxation because it belongs to the non-drowsy category of plants. Its calming effect is supportive when quitting bad habits, such as smoking. Many folk healers swear that nothing supports quitting smoking as well as chamomile tea does. Chamomile was also considered the beauty treatment for skin and hair. Mucus membranes in the mouth, stomach, and intestines also benefit from it. People (not just blondes) often used to rinse out their hair with warm chamomile tea after shampooing and washed their faces in chamomile tea. You can also buy a chamomile tincture in the drug store and add it to water if you want a faster approach. Into this context, say the following classic phrase, or your own version of it, speaking from your heart: May your happiness and good fortune continue. Repeat this ancient wish over and again, with each new breath you take. Let the phrase infuse and soften your heart and your face. Visualize yourself supporting this person, celebrating his or her unexpected good fortune, coaxing whatever goodness he or she experiences to linger just a bit longer. As your practice deepens, try out new ways to soften and expand your heart's capacity. Take in new people, ranging from those you know well to those you don't know at all. Remember that your aim is not to make this or any other person's good fortune last forever. That's hardly possible. All things pass, and it does no good to expect otherwise.

The more we are compassionate and optimistic, the more we increase the general happiness in the world. One of my all-time favourite quotations is from the Dalai Lama who said, Kindness is my religion. <a href='http://www.ien.home.pl/redirect.php?url=http://microstat.co.uk'>The</a> key to judging values is to look at the outcome. <a href='http://e.foodandwine.com/amex40/c2.php?APNL/356291059/1617035/H/N/V/http://microstat.co.uk'>Worthwhile</a> values generate positive outcomes. <a href='http://old.post-gazette.com/pets/redir.asp?url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Relationships,</a> like the rest of life, are an ongoing journey and on that journey your likes and dislikes change. <a href='http://tv-sat.at.ua/go?http://microstat.co.uk'>Maybe</a> you had a sweet tooth as a child and now you dislike sweets. <a href='http://rtn.track.rediff.com/click?url=___http://www.firstpost.com/firstcricket/sports-news/ipl-auction-2018-live-updates-from-ben-stokes-to-chris-gayle-biggest-cricket-stars-to-go-under-the-hammer-4321853.html___&service=instasearch&clientip='>Maybe</a> you hated broccoli when you were at school and now it is your favourite vegetable. <a href='http://tools.freenet.de/mod_perl/linker/freenet_suche_a_navi_routenplaner/microstat.co.uk'>Your</a> preferences may change. <a href='http://groupe.rock.alsace.online.fr/jump.php?url=http://microstat.co.uk'>At</a> school maybe your goal was to be in the football team or maybe the most important thing was to be in the coolest gang. <a href='https://www.fairwork.gov.au/fwo/webservices/click.ashx?g=db6a493a-b1c1-438b-aba9-a13fa735e03d&mid=73&ci=84&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>If</a> you are a teenager or young adult your hormones make you very focused on having sex. <a href='http://shop.mango.com/commissionjunction.faces?idRefer=commission&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>When</a> we are lost in the present, these conditioned longings fall away, and anxious striving may be replaced by a refreshing sense of peaceful belonging. <a href='http://pl.yext.com/plclick?pid=thoov7ieXa&ids=271730&continue=http://microstat.co.uk'>Unskewed</a> by hope or fear, perception is free simply to register what is there. <a href='http://aquaculture.seagrant.uaf.edu/click-thru.html?id=122&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>As</a> Hermann Hesse wrote in his essayConcerning the soul' in 1917: The eye of desire dirties and distorts. <a href='http://xoperations.freehostia.com/gbook/go.php?url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Only</a> when we desire nothing, only when our gaze becomes pure contemplation, does the soul of things (which is beauty) open itself to us.By its very nature, this more dispassionate, yet more intimate, way of knowing cannot be brought about by an effort of will. <a href='http://www.igive.com/isearch/NonStoreExit.cfm?type=1&isid=0df7d37f-4feb-4f0f-b472-1df60f43914d&rurl=http://microstat.co.uk'>It</a> arises, if it does at all, spontaneously. <a href='https://www.epubli.de/shop/buch/45209/go?link=http://microstat.co.uk'>The</a> experience is like that of seeing the three-dimensional form in aMagic Eye' image. If you look intently at such an image with the normal high-focus gaze, scanning it for its meaning', all you will see, for as long as you look, is a flat field of squiggly shapes. <a href='http://www.orphus.ru/redir.php?http://microstat.co.uk'>You</a> see plenty of detail, but it does not cohere. <a href='http://88say.sina.com.tw/service/local/go.aspx?t=h&ts=4&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>However,</a> if you give uptrying to see what's there', relax your eyes so that they gaze softly through the image, and stay for a while in this state of patient incomprehension, then the details begin to dissolve and melt into one another, and a new kind of seeing spontaneously emerges, one which reveals the hidden depths' in the picture. <a href='http://layline.tempsite.ws/link.php?link=http://microstat.co.uk'>There</a> is no doubt when this revelation has occurred: it has a visceral impact which cannot be forced or feigned - just as thegetting' of a joke is a spontaneous, bodily occurrence that cannot be engineered.

One way to help develop the capacity for lucid awareness is by entering a non-lucid dream in the waking state with the help of a dream guide. We can then relive the dream as if in real time with the benefit of meta-awareness, while exploring the dream scenario and emotions in a safe setting. Working this way with non-lucid dreams offers the opportunity to become more patiently attentive. As an example of this process, I recall working with Louise, a woman approaching her sixties. Louise wanted to reflect on what her dreams might have to tell her about the next stage of her life. She decided to re-enter a dream in which she drifted in a small rowboat down a wide river. At first the sensation felt quite pleasant, but then she became visibly anxious about where she was heading and worried that she would tip the boat over. To calm her, I invited her to be curious about what she had previously mentioned only in passing: the feeling of the cool breeze on her face. As she imagined the wind, she gently ran her fingertips over her cheeks. This sensation opened up a profound awareness of what Louise called the fertile void', putting her in touch with a deep feeling of joy. <a href='http://mgtrk.musictoday.com/c/1/?aId=48357003&requestId=b7314-e3b3d082-a4cd-48e1-a39f-257a7c9c9ba7&rId=28504038&uId=12&ea=fgrir.wnarf=pbz=jvguthvgnef&dUrl=http://microstat.co.uk'>Let</a> wonders happen in your life. <a href='http://home.putclub.com/link.php?url=http://microstat.co.uk'>How</a> a Grandmother Keeps Inspired and Zestful for Life <a href='http://prism.app-us1.com/redirect?a=649164555&e=_t.e.s.t_@example.com&u=http://microstat.co.uk'>I</a> chatted with a grandmother who sat next to me on the boat trip to the famous Waimea Canyon, a gorge cut to the depth of about 3,000 feet by the Waimea River. <a href='http://tracking.launchmetrics.com/?a=5166&m=purplepr&n=SM-6303567&s=104000001a850ff&u=http://microstat.co.uk&t=&e=trent@hiphopdx.com&h=8ee2d565'>She</a> was taking her two granddaughters sightseeing. <a href='http://218-161-2-174.hinet-ip.hinet.net/?a[]=%3Ca+href%3D%22http%3A%2F%2Fmicrostat.co.uk%22%3ESite%3C%2Fa%3E'>She</a> commented on the gorgeous colorings of the cliff strata and the tropical growth covering the sides of the canyon. <a href='https://fc-zenit.ru/bitrix/redirect.php?event1=news_out&event2=&goto=http://microstat.co.uk'>I</a> might add that the shadows of the ever-changing clouds made it an unforgettable sight. <a href='https://www.yes123.com.tw/ad_rc/adbanner_counter.asp?id=20181102142338_76502627_68216669&url=|@http://microstat.co.uk'>This</a> beautiful, spiritual woman told me that she is over ninety years of age and has never been sick a day in her life, the reason being, she said, I keep prayed up. <a href='http://liki.clan.su/go?http://microstat.co.uk'>This</a> Hawaiian woman teaches Sunday School, writes poetry, rows a boat, fishes, milks her two cows every day, talks before women's groups, and is now planning a tour for twenty to Europe. <a href='https://www.terveyskirjasto.fi/terveysportti/tyokkari.tyopaikat.teleport?p_tyyppi=0&p_id=15461&p_url=http://microstat.co.uk'>She</a> showed me a card on which were typed the words of Tennyson: Oh, I see the crescent promise of my spirit hath not set. <a href='http://www.easyhits4u.com/splash/view/83140/?a=click&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Ancient</a> founts of inspiration well through all my fancy yet. <br /><br /><a href='https://app.salesforceiq.com/r?t=AFwhZf0kRuQmhSVe7T9vOhwRX1nT3ui4JWJ58QO3oOn6f7ngdPE0Xmvm-X1JgwWE6vucYVn9EeiMjfCQt2oz4ak4Js1nIHvsP3ApNZtGC8BcccLfFkNTRzQ5hEnfrbQjiCDHgsXLQK-n&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Chamomile</a> tincture can also be mixed into cremes, lotions, shower gels, shampoos, and the like. <a href='https://www.shaadi.com/eml-trk/click-nl?&ty=go&nlid=1&go=http://microstat.co.uk'>Emotionally,</a> chamomile has a tension-releasing and cleansing effect. <a href='http://followup.cc/l/10340775/6d3419d9df86fc152fee518c1739c6cf/http://microstat.co.uk'>Those</a> who are stressed and have a lot of irons in the fire will especially profit from its use. <a href='http://rlp.jumptools.com/jumplisting/redir.do?source=2&p=48239&feed=6&listingId=9559261&type=MY_WEBSITE&brandId=rlp&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmicrostat.co.uk'>Do</a> not hesitate to make some chamomile tea if you are under great strain personally or professionally. <a href='https://sloangroups.mit.edu/click?uid=18ac16c0-6512-11e7-90ac-0a25fd5e4565&r=http://microstat.co.uk'>I've</a> been told by more than just one woman that their man unexpectedly became interested in them sensuously again after drinking the tea. <a href='http://libraries.ucsd.edu/cgi-bin/redir?resource=822&location=http://microstat.co.uk'>Chamomile</a> seems to have an aphrodisiac effect, especially on stressed men. <a href='https://www.broadwayworld.com/regionalbuytickets.cfm?id=258034&website=http://microstat.co.uk'>For</a> pregnant women who have to be careful with healing plants, chamomile (but not Roman chamomile, a different species) and lady's mantle are recommended as a healing duo for all phases of life. <a href='https://crossmedia.canon-europe.com/links.do?c=0&t=636&h=statique.html&g=0&link=http://microstat.co.uk'>Chamomile</a> as Incense <a href='http://links.rafflecopter.com/rcapi/v1/raffles/~3c85211631/?e=13785572106ded84302dd5a1&u=http://microstat.co.uk'>Many</a> do not know that chamomile blossoms also make wonderful incense. <a href='http://www2.regione.abruzzo.it/xEuropa/asp/redirectApprofondimenti.asp?pdfDoc=http://microstat.co.uk'>They</a> have an especially aromatic scent, cleanse rooms of all bad energies, and have a harmonizing and balancing effect. <a href='http://www2.rhino3d.com/common/cookies/setcookie.asp?language=de&return=http://microstat.co.uk'>Instead,</a> your aim is simply to condition your own heart to appreciate others' blessings when you become aware of them, to open to them, so that you may lovingly celebrate with them. <a href='http://mh1.evaair.com/evaair_mhua/click.aspx?url=http://microstat.co.uk&k=2aBwE2V4/rJ63M8aAWJUNt2bEwIDLQWSiqbyipvMVSg=&link_id=1202818'>Try</a> This Micro-moment Practice: <a href='http://mint.macobserver.com/feeder/?FeederAction=clicked&feed=rss/everything/&seed=http://microstat.co.uk&seed_title=Wikipedia+Shuts+Down+Wednesday+in+Protest+of+SOPA/PIPA'>Create</a> Celebratory Love in Daily Life <a href='http://www.themza.com/redirect.php?r=microstat.co.uk'>Personally,</a> I find informal practice of celebratory love to be especially powerful. <a href='https://vsevjednom.cz/redirect.php?microstat.co.uk'>As</a> I walk to my campus office from where I park, I cross paths with many people--students, staff, faculty, and visitors alike. <a href='http://lcs.freeones.com/cgi-bin/linkcountserver.pl?tr=bp&id=326&type=link&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Likewise,</a> when I'm able to take my lunch, or a short break, on one of the many park benches in my campus's nearby arboretum, I like to people-watch. <a href='http://web.nfuonline.com/ClickModels/Log?emailid=2858&destinationUrl=http://microstat.co.uk'>Instead</a> of being indifferent to others nearby, or simply sizing them up out of idle curiosity, I purposely try to notice signs of good fortune. <a href='http://wheany.mbnet.fi/goto.php?goto=http://microstat.co.uk'>Is</a> this person smiling? <a href='http://aviation.bmkg.go.id/web/url.php?url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Is</a> there a spring in this person's step? <a href='http://hawaii.info-komen.org/site/UserLogin?logout=1&NEXTURL=http://microstat.co.uk'>Does</a> he or she seem to be moved by a purpose or a passion? <br /><br /><a href='http://pro.tonkosti.ru/novosti_turoperatorov/link.php?nid=6528760&to=http://microstat.co.uk'>When</a> you first become a parent your tiredness makes you very keen on sleep. <a href='https://secure.socialpsychology.org/client/redirect.php?from=search&id=17477&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>As</a> your life situation changes, your goals change. <a href='http://d-click.einstein.br/u/7799/50/0/628_0/b0147/?url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Along</a> with the goals thrown at you by your environment, you have a variable amount of time to choose your own specific goals. <a href='http://www.aastocks.com/sc/changelang.aspx?lang=sc&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Relationships</a> flourish when partners have both personal goals and shared goals. <a href='http://go.infomine.com/?re=121&tg=http://microstat.co.uk'>Having</a> a personal goal gives you your own responsibility, which is not dependent on your partner. <a href='http://www.jkp.com/uk/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=28&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Regardless</a> of what time they have available, you can work towards your goal. <a href='http://www.worldlingo.com/S4698.0/translation?wl_url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Recognizing</a> your own needs and setting goals to meet them is part of looking after yourself properly. <a href='http://ssl.seesaa.jp/afr.pl?affiliate_id=718835&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Having</a> shared goals creates tasks that you do together and that brings its own, different rewards. <a href='https://fishki.net/click?http://microstat.co.uk'>All</a> the goals that reward you are founded in your values, and your values can also change and evolve. <a href='http://www.thaihealth.or.th/in_link.php?link=http://microstat.co.uk'>It</a> is helpful to check regularly that your goals conform to your values and to check whether you need to update your values too. <a href='http://gb-www.digitimes.com.tw/gate/gb/microstat.co.uk'>Someone</a> whothinks' they see the image, like someone who understands' a joke, simply has not got it. <a href='http://www.barepass.com/in.php?wm_id=2972&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Though</a> poetic sensibility cannot be commanded, it can, as with the three-dimensional visual image, be encouraged. <a href='https://paytrace.com/cart/trackdterms.pay?termslink=http://microstat.co.uk'>One</a> can make oneself prone to it by cultivating the ability to wait - to remain attentive in the face of incomprehension - which Keats famously referred to asnegative capability': when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason. <a href='http://wfc2.wiredforchange.com/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=hdorrh+HcDlQ+zUEnZU5qlfKZ1Cl53X6&url=http://microstat.co.uk'>Keats's</a> description of negative capability came in a letter to his brothers, following an evening spent in discussion with his friend Charles Dilke - a man who, as Keats put it, could notfeel he had a personal identity unless he had made up his mind about everything'; The domination of culture and education by d-mode seems to have created a whole society of Charles Dilkes: to have estranged people from a way of knowing that is, perhaps, part of their cognitive and aesthetic birthright. It certainly appears as if children may have more ready access to poetic sensibility than adults. Young children have been found to be very `poetic' in their way of knowing in at least one respect: they are much better than older children and adults at producing and using metaphors. Psychologists Howard Gardner and Ellen Winner have found that three- and four-year-old children produce many more appropriate metaphors for a situation than do seven- and eleven-year-olds, and all children are much more fluent users and creators of spontaneous metaphor than college students. There was a time when meadow, grove and stream, The earth, and every common sight,