Once I decided to drink, it became a matter of desperate urgency, to me, to drink it all as fast as I could and get to the bottom. Whenever I stopped for breath, I berated myself for delaying the process. My first reaction to you, I think, was one of surprise at your sensitivity and awareness of what and how I was feeling, even when I expressed it very inarticulately or not at all. I knew you were quick and sensitive, but I didn't think anyone could be that understanding. Then I began to get the feeling that not only were you sensitive to and understanding of my feelings, but you also cared and cared very much. This is the feeling which I think I fought vigorously for the whole time. It simply emanated from you -- from your hands as you handled the cigarette lighter, from your foot as you stretched it out in front of me and moved it slowly back and forth and particularly from your eyes, when I had the courage to look at them. Because of the strength of this feeling, I usually found it necessary to talk to the wall or the window, but I was always painfully and acutely aware of you. Once I remember you attended a class (that day I felt particularly awful) and sat near me. I didn't want to see you at all that day. How do you resemble them? Who rushes in and saves the money and the day? Are you expected to follow suit in any way? Which classic and financial personas are already claimed in your family? Which ones are still available? Which ones are off limits? What careers are acceptable in your family and which ones are not? What part do you want to play, and whom do you want to be in the family story? Notice your reactions to identifying and releasing your personas and changing your roles. Give yourself some time to integrate this information and allow all of your currents to go through a full energy cycle.

Here your body produces up to 70 percent of your serotonin--the feel-good chemical--and it's also where 80 percent of your immune system resides. If your gut is out of balance, it can affect the chemicals in your brain and put your entire body out of balance, leading to depression and anxiety. As you can see, the correlation between pain and anxiety and depression is cyclical; This is why MBC tools are an excellent source of relief for pain--no matter the cause or origin. They tap both the mind and physical body to release those feel-good chemicals, so you can soothe and heal from within. CHRONIC PAIN BY THE NUMBERS More than 100 million Americans have some sort of persistent or chronic pain. The NIH estimates that at least 20 million people have what is called high-impact pain, which is severe enough to affect everyday lives. Lower back pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain. Women, the elderly, and poor and rural populations are at the highest risk of developing persistent pain, according to the CDC. Then, you stretched out your foot and it almost touched mine. I don't know whether it was intentional or not, but to me it said, I know how miserable you are and I care about how you feel because I care about you. I almost screamed. I wanted to get up and run out of the room. Since I couldn't do that, I closed up in a shell and waited until I could go. I couldn't talk or do anything but be aware of you. Throughout all of my sessions I was focused on my relationship with you. Whenever I made any attempt to pull away from it, to discuss other relationships on an intellectual plane, I felt compelled to come back to you. I simply could not shake you. I was firmly convinced that to give love meant to sell my soul, to become completely dominated by and dependent upon the loved one, and that love could not be received without paying this high price.

Get up and move around to some music as you experience all of this energy. You keep your family's money drama going whether you realize it or not. You simply continue to play your part until you become aware of the drama. Once you are aware, you can review your prior choices to play along or to resist. Only then can you make a new choice, think new thoughts, and take new actions as you release the backlog of emotions and energy you have held close to your heart and dragged along like excess baggage. Action Step Write a short outline of your family money drama, your initial choices, and how old you were when you made them. Consider whether you are still enjoying your prior choice(s) and whether they are moving you toward the abundance you desire. Business Action Step Now change the focus of the last two exercises to business to see what roles you are playing there. Add to those facts an aging population in the United States and the problem is only getting worse. All these issues culminate in health care expenditures that, in the United States, far exceed those in other countries. Turns out treating pain is profitable. New research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2018, shows that the United States spends twice as much on health care as any other high-income country in the world. Using fancy imaging technology such as MRI and CT scans was a contributing factor. But the growing prevalence of persistent pain research has shown that teaching patients about pain helps decrease the cost of treating it by putting the control back in the patients' hands. A 2016 article in the Journal of Spine Surgery revealed that pain education led to a 45 percent savings in health care costs over one year and a 37 percent savings over three years. All this indicates that investing in self-care and education can be just as beneficial. Even large institutions like Veterans Affairs have begun exploring the benefits and cost savings of incorporating MBC into the health care system. Mind-Body Techniques

Therefore, I fought desperately against any love you might give to me. I tried telling you how unworthy I was -- how selfish, inadequate, nasty. I tried hating and attacking you. You could not possibly love me, therefore you were being deceitful and cruel in pretending you did. I tried wearing you down by demanding proof of your affection. I even tried curing myself and raving about how wonderful it was. But you were always there, like a firm rock which I beat upon to no avail and which merely said, I love you. I then began to see, though not too clearly, that your love did not control me and I could not control it. As I look at it now, I was peeling off layer after layer of defenses. I'd build them up, try them, and then discard them when you remained the same. Remember to insert your nickname and who you align with or are mentored by. Which personas do you assume and recognize while at work? In your relationships with your boss and colleagues, which personas do you parade about? As you go about creating abundance, which personas do you prefer to interact with? Which personas do you avoid? Which ones do you dislike? The results of the money drama in any group indicate a lot of people working at cross-purposes rather than the presence of a cohesive goal. Recognizing which money scripts are present at work is the first step toward effective teamwork and increased abundance. Action Step Is your organization making money and becoming abundant or not?

MBC is an individualized practice. You may have identified with some of the previously mentioned examples, and by now you should realize that pain is about utilizing the mind to soothe and find relief. What we think affects how we feel. How we feel affects how we think. The MBC techniques that you're going to learn in this article are coping strategies and stress-management techniques that will allow you to manage your pain, and become a partner in your own healing. For the purposes of this article, you will focus on five different practices that will allow you to find a new way to think, move, and feel. Reframing Your Thoughts Reframing thoughts involves changing your perspective on the situation to make it more meaningful, neutral, or positive to you. When you reframe your thoughts about pain, you create a powerful coping technique. With pain, there's often an element of fear about how long it will last and how disabling it may be. I didn't know what was at the bottom and I was very much afraid to find out, but I had to keep on trying. At first I felt there was nothing within me -- just a great emptiness where I needed and wanted a solid core. Then I began to feel that I was facing a solid brick wall, too high to get over and too thick to go through. One day the wall became translucent, rather than solid, and I felt hopeful that I might really see through it. That was the day, I believe, when I realized moral judgment had nothing to do with how I felt, only with how I acted. It suddenly became clear that loving and hating, for example, are neither right nor wrong, they just are. After this, the wall seemed to disappear but beyond it I discovered a dam holding back violent, churning waters. I felt as if I were holding back the force of these waters and if I opened even a tiny hole I and all about me would be destroyed in the ensuing torrent of feelings represented by the water. Whenever I felt or experienced anything, whenever I felt anything happened, I could find no way of expressing the feelings or understanding I had, either to you or to myself, except through these images. The only times I can remember and the only times which seem important to me are those in which I experienced the feelings expressed by these images.