The mere presence of certain people or things paralyzes me. I don't know how to respond when a stranger unexpectedly speaks to me. I feel frozen with fear when someone confronts me. Michael had been listening to the exchange between the officers, fascinated by the horror of their situation, but when he heard the Rebel yells coursing up through the trees once more, his blood turned icy cold. I've waited too late to read the paper, he thought. I'll never get out of here now. As he grabbed for the pouch, a calm washed over him, and he felt the same urge--wait, watch, listen, learn. Chamberlain was standing in full view on top of the wall, his arms crossed, staring down at the advancing enemy. Sergeant Spear had returned and was standing at the colonel's feet. Tozier and two other men were bunched below. Michael stood several feet behind the group. Tozier shouted. Give an order! At the same time, our brain stops creating serotonin, a neurotransmitter that controls our moods. High levels give us a good mood; So as your body puts itself into fight or flight mode (heart racing, cortisol overflowing like champagne at a Tory austerity conference) our serotonin as low as a Tory's morals, (OK enough Tory analogies) . It's an evolutionary feck-up, an overcompensation that once defined us as a dominant species, but now makes it difficult for some of us to make eye contact with people. To let you know that I am not talking shit, and that I do actually suffer with this complete head nonsense, this is what is going on in my noggin right now. I just need to take a deep breath. Let's do this.

In the anxiety sweepstakes I have managed to win GAD (General Anxiety Disorder), social anxiety, separation anxiety, insomnia, dermatophagia (ripping the skin off your fingers) and a completely irrational phobia of Moomins. This is not a joke. I fecking hate Moomins. When I am scared, it's as if my brain stops working. Scoring2 Count the number of responses you have for each letter and record that number next to the corresponding letter. Multiply the number of each response by its designated number of points. Finally, add up each subtotal to calculate your final scores. Note the range in which your score lands. A very high score means that this particular response is very common for you. This is neither good nor bad, it is simply the way your specific nervous system tends to respond when it senses you are under threat. Many individuals have a dominant response, the one they tend toward most, though others may score on the higher end for more than one response, especially if they have a history of developmental trauma. You may find yourself easily triggered and going into fight, tending to argue or throw something when you're upset. Chamberlain remained stoic. He walked away from the group of men, and Michael heard him speaking softly, in a firm, resolved voice. We can't retreat, he said to himself. We can't stay here. When I am faced with the choice of doing nothing or doing something, I will always choose to act. I am a person of action. Turning his back to the Rebels, he looked down at his men.

Fix bayonets, he called. At first, no one moved. They simply stared at him with open mouths. We will skip over the self-mutilation of my fingers for a moment and focus on these bizarre albino hippo bastards. A lot of people who know me in real life think my fear of Moomins is hilarious, and that I can't be that weird', which just proves how little they know me. <a href=''>Be</a> under no illusion here, I am severely weird. <a href=''>For</a> instance, I was once walking through Notting Hill with my wife and noticed a full-size Moomin in a shop window. <a href=';ContentTypeID=0x01000DBB3CA6892B214CB02EDA37E3E3E468'>In</a> terms of fight or flight, I would conclude that this was quite a violent flight reaction. <a href=''>My</a> brain saw something it perceived as a threat, and its most reasonable reaction was to fecking leg it down a busy high street. <a href=''>What</a> makes it worse is that my style of running can only be compared to that of a ketamine-addled giraffe that has somehow found itself on an ice rink. <a href=''>For</a> anyone unaware of Moomins, they feature in a series of Swedish children's articles that were turned into a cartoon invented by Satan to mentally scar human beings and to punish humanity for all of our misdoings. <a href=''>My</a> irrational fear began when I saw an episode entitledThe Groke' as a child. The Groke was a terrifying being that appeared in the distance as the main characters watched it out of their window. If flight is very high, you may feel the urge to leave an uncomfortable situation ASAP or storm out during a confrontation. If freeze is very high, you may find yourself feeling, well, frozen and unable to act, think, or feel much of anything. 34-41 = High A high score means this nervous system response occurs frequently. Perhaps you are already aware that you tend to get a bit aggressive, typically want to leave the scene of the crime when uncomfortable, or often find yourself feeling paralyzed. Or, this may be your first drop of awareness as to your particular patterns. There is no right or wrong here.

Remember your nervous system is always trying to protect and keep you safe, even if your response may seem out of proportion to the situation at hand. Whatever your response is, it likely feels like an automatic reaction right now, with little choice in how you respond to what is happening around you. In time and with practice, you will cultivate a greater sense of space and eventually may find yourself reacting less intensely. We'll have the advantage of moving downhill, Chamberlain said. Fix bayonets now. Execute a great right wheel of the entire regiment. Swing the left first. Sir, wait--what's a great right wheel? But the colonel had already jumped from the rocks. Tozier answered the question. He means to charge, Melcher. A `great right wheel' is an all-out charge. Michael watched in awe as Chamberlain drew his sword, leaped up onto the wall again, and shouted, Bayonets! Every time they closed the curtains and then reopened them, the Groke was closer. I never fully recovered. I should sue somebody for this. The only reason I don't go through with this lawsuit is that I assume the company that makes Moomins would pay all damages with Moomin merchandise and just the thought of that makes my brain cry. The fear of a cartoon is kyrofelonoshophobia (try saying that three times quickly while drunk), and this is my unique phobia. Even having searched the Internet for quite some time I've never found anyone else who had a severe phobia of Moomins, so my attempt to start a support group ended before it began. All of our anxieties are individual;

This is why there is no singular cure, no tablet that can fix everyone. It's important to differentiate between a fear and a phobia: a fear of snakes or spiders, for example, is inherent. We recognise these as threats to ourselves, so it is completely rational to be wary of them. 26-33 = Medium A medium score means your system likes this response, and that's perfectly okay. Everybody is different, and therefore each individual will have their own profile of nervous system reactions. This one just happens to be part of yours. A medium score means you may only go into this response sometimes, while handling other situations more calmly. Or it may mean you go into this response often, but only at a mid-level strength. For instance, with fight you may feel the urge to kick or hit someone, but also remain aware enough to understand that it's not a good idea to actually do it. You may freeze only sometimes, or thaw out and return to a baseline easier than others. What matters most is that you're here taking care of yourself. As you gain awareness, you'll also gain confidence and a wider range of choices when confronted with stressful or threatening scenarios in the future. Turning, the colonel pointed the sword directly at Michael and slightly bowed his head. Then with a power born of righteousness and fear, the schoolteacher from Maine roared, Charge! And they did. Tumbling over the wall, the men who were left raised their voices to meet the voice of their leader. Michael rushed to the wall and looked downhill. He was stunned to see the advancing Confederate force stop in its tracks. Almost immediately, the Rebels turned and ran.