Plans are great, but plans without action are just dreams. Pick something you want to do and try it. An introvert speaking up, shaky voice and all, is the type of deviation that benefits us all. Everyone has something to say, and if she doesn't use her singular voice to say it, that thing may never be said. Our differences are often our strengths, and we can maximize the value of our differences when we know them well and use them to our benefit. A shaky voice still wins trials. Even if your voice isn't steady, shake and stammer your way to victory. A good first impression can work wonders. Other lawyers' openings seem endless to me, while mine seem to take less time than the minutes it takes to apply my lipstick and put on my earrings. That may be my ego, but when I'm on trial, I wait for the other lawyers with impatience bordering on frustration. My leg shakes, and I go cold. I'm like a racehorse ready to leave the stable. After completing my shift at the sheriff's department one day, I knew for certain that I would not be returning. I didn't know what was in store, and it may sound strange, but it didn't matter because I knew it would be okay. Yes, my life was about to take another huge shift that would lead me on a journey that was full of twists and turns that I never saw coming. As I began to follow a series of coincidences, and what I believe to be nudges from the Universe, there was a feeling of freedom, liberation, and a sense of awakening to a level of life that I had yet to experience. I would also find myself coming through many dark, cold, and lonely tunnels with a pain that was almost unbearable. Through it all this amazing soul, my ride or die was in the form of a dog. He rode the wave with me and assured me time and time again that all was well, and that was my Jaeger. He was so much more than a dog?

My soul will forever be grateful to this angel for loving me and showing me the true meaning of unconditional love. I have never felt such pain and heartache until this moment. Some people said to me, How can you just get rid of people like that? Where's your loyalty? And what I realized was that I'm loyal to my principles, not to particular people--and that those who respected my principles would receive my loyalty. I told these people that I could continue to love them from a distance, but that I could not be around them anymore because there were people in my life who depended on me being the best me, and I couldn't let those people down. In case you're still not completely convinced that the short-term pain of burning a bridge is better than the long-term agony of keeping that bridge up, let me make one more important point. It's very possible that burning your bridge is what everyone involved needs. You might be dreading the idea of breaking up a relationship that isn't good for you, but maybe both of you will be able to move on to healthier relationships if you have the strength to move on from this one. Maybe walking away from a group will inspire other people in that group and help them make the kinds of improvements in their lives that you are making in yours, and everyone will come out better as a result. I've had experience with both of these scenarios. Do you remember the girlfriend I told you about in article 1? As Seth Godin says, once you had to wait: to be accepted, to be promoted, to be selected . Not anymore. Access is nearly unlimited; You can publish your own work, distribute your own music, create your own products, or attract your own funding. You can do almost anything you want--and you don't need to wait for someone else to help you. The only thing holding you back is you--and your willingness to try. Try something. Try anything.

And trust that you're smart enough to decide whether it is right--or how you can make it right--for you. Then you'll be an and. The longer they talk, the more I work myself into a lather. If jurors are watching my body language rather than the lawyer who is closing, I'm sure I'm giving them plenty to read. During the last case I tried, there were multiple defendants. This meant that by the time it was my turn to open, the judge had the jurors take a bathroom break right before I could go. It was torture. I was eager to use my skills to tell my client's side of the story. But lawsuits are orderly, and the person suing always goes first. Their attorney opens first, they put on their evidence first, they close first, and they get to do rebuttal. They have the burden of proof, so it's only fair they go first. They even get to sit closer to the jury. I will always remember the nights we would sit and chat into the wee hours of the morning, taking naps during the day on the sofa, and giving you the last bite. My heart feels like it has cracked in a million pieces, and I struggle to catch my breath when I think of him. I am grateful for the forever paw print he has placed on my heart. A former correctional deputy turned best-selling author and transformation coach, Felicia believes every person can turn their life around regardless of the circumstances. I stand fast with an unbending belief that there is always an opportunity to learn and grow with every experience. Each experience offers us endless possibilities to live the life we desire. A native of Chicago's South Side, Felicia lives between Seattle, Washington, and Henderson, Nevada with her husband and three children. I then say a thank you to the Universe that I am alive and well.

I gently rub my cat, who is always curled up on my legs. I feel and hear her purring. Our relationship was on again, off again, and sometimes it was great and sometimes it really wasn't. Somewhere deep in my heart, I probably knew that this relationship wasn't good for either of us, but I definitely wasn't acknowledging that, and I certainly wasn't thinking it was time for it to end. Then, one day, she walked out of my life. I guess she finally saw that our future together was not going to play out well for her, and she convinced herself that getting out was the best thing for her future. When she left, I was devastated. I felt rejected and lonely, and in that moment, I couldn't understand why it had happened. Breaking up with me must have been a painful thing for her, and I'm sure it caused her some anguish both just before and right after. But she was right to do it, because we'd gotten to an unhealthy place, and I know her future was better without me than it would have been if we'd stayed together. That breakup really shook me up. But you know what? Scratch that: Then you'll be a professional serial achiever. Then you'll have a number of ands included in the way you describe yourself. I promise it will be worth it. After all, in most cases what comes after the first and will be one of the things you enjoy doing the most. Unless you're a trust fund baby or off hugging trees, professional serial achievement is vital. We all must make a living, and to some degree money is important. Of course, the need to make a living doesn't mean you must blindly pursue financial success. Success means different things to different people.

Still, some people feel that their only major goals should be of a professional or financial nature. Either way, do this for me: Take a moment and list a few of the things you've always wanted to accomplish--but haven't. I see sitting farther away from the jury as a gift--too close and the jury might see me sweat--but letting the other side go first can be painful. Openings are the first time the jury hears anything substantive about the case. Think of your first kiss, your first car, the first time your baby smiled--firsts are important. People remember the first thing they hear and see. Lawyers have to capitalize on that opportunity. You can do the same, any time you have the opportunity for a first. The first time you do anything--meet someone, make an entrance, get in a fight--you set the tone for all of the other times that will follow. Take advantage of the first time by making sure it is memorable, and that the memory is a good one. Openings are meant to be an outline of the case. We lawyers are not supposed to offer argument during openings. I then say out loud, I am grateful for this opportunity to live another day to the best of my ability. I get my coffee, feed my kitty cat, and sit with soft music to begin my morning meditation. I prepare myself for my day ahead. I do some yoga stretches and wake my body up. This is my daily morning ritual. On my drive to work, I call my 92-year-old mom, and we chat about the day ahead, how we slept, and how we are feeling. I tell her I love her and that I am grateful for having her in my life. Thank you for this job that provides me with money to support myself, to travel, to give back to the world community, and to pursue my writing.