For the first time I instantly felt connected to another human being on a heart level. The feelings I had for Rosey were different from the ones I had for Karen. You take back control and don't worry about the rest. Also, it's important to realize that the reason you have fear about leaving this life only exists because you have experienced some really great things. That moment of fear, that worry about death, can't hold a candle to all the experiences in your life. That's a great way to reframe the fear, I replied. The reason you are feeling any fear or these dark futures is an affirmation of your life. Thinking about that life pulls you back from the fear. Think about the future and acknowledge all the possible futures, Julia said. Starting any work without a laid plan is a sure-shot way of making it out of control and full of timeline delays. Without planned functioning, timelines have to be changed again and again. It halts things at each stage and takes it back to zero levels irrespective of the current status. You need to be very careful about these time killers in your activities that are running unknowingly. Identify any such activities and keep track of such deficiency vigilantly. As the lack of planning is lethal similarly, extreme planning without execution is deadly. People with such habits create heaps and stacks of plans and devote multiple days and resources in preparation but do not implement or take any action on the planning. The result is a massive waste of time and resources. They do not reach anywhere as time and again they are creating and building plans without any accomplishment. I didn't understand it then, but I now believe my soul recognized that Rosey and I were wounded in similar ways, and that although I liked Karen and Casey very much, they didn't share the scars Rosey and I did. As the night progressed, Rosey and I found ourselves laughing out loud together as if we had known each other since birth.

My heart told me she knew far too well what it felt like to not feel good enough. The following fall, Rosey even transferred to our high school. In a year's time, Casey, Karen, Rosey, and I had become the best of friends. You can become more resilient to the surprising futures that may come your way. And trust me, you will have to deal with your fair share of challenges, like death and illness. But in the process, you will learn to value your present, the life you have now, and not sweat the small stuff, therefore reducing the risk of unfavorable futures. By focusing on the future, you can become more present in today and live a richer life. It was striking to me how two futurists ended up with the same advice but came at it from different paths. When you're thinking about dark futures that feel overwhelming, the first step is to accept the fear. Explore what the worst thing is that could happen. Every time they make a plan, they actuate a little and then, not finding it appropriate or perfect, suspend it and start all the effort again. It is one of the most prominent forms of time killers. You need to keep track of your time and plans and ensure that you are not making this mistake, and if so, eliminate this deadly habit of just planning without any execution in reality. Write down all the plans you have made in the last three months that you've not executed. Segregate them, take the top three tasks from the list that you think can change your life, and start executing those tasks. Procrastination means unnecessarily sitting on the things and holding them. One of the biggest killers of time is procrastination, delaying things without any rhyme and reason. Anyone who has this disease of procrastination can never achieve his timelines and deadlines for any activities. I was spending less and less time at home, enjoying the times I was having with my friends. I was in love with feeling normal, and as if, to these three girls, I were enough.

It was becoming easier to hear my own thoughts without the echo of my mother's disapproval rattling around in my mind. Her opinions of me had become less important as joy began to grow in my heart. Opening my front door to find three girls my age standing there to greet me felt like Christmas morning. Sleepovers became routine, and walking in the rain a complete blast. None of us were gorgeous or would have been considered hot by any boy in town, but those kinds of things were never our concern. A few months after Casey's sleepover, Casey, Karen, and I convinced Rosey to join our youth squad team, the Bumps and Bruises. Each team consisted of five members, one of whom would act as victim. As Julia said, if you're not the pilot, you don't have control over the plane. Recognizing what you do have control over gives you something to focus on and something to do. In the very extreme, like with Richard, you have control over what you see. And like Julia said, you can meet death with mental dignity. As Will and I continued down the beach, I recalled my exchanges with Richard and Julia. It's good that you recognize it and are talking to me. The habit of procrastination does not let a person start on the pursuit itself. In each instance, because of being a procrastinator, they delay the start of the work. With these habit patterns, whenever a person has to start the job, he finds out that the work does not get started or gets delayed for one reason or the other. This habit does not let the person become efficient in anything they do. All the activities linked to the project right from start to end, be it decision making, arranging people, closing transactions, approaching clients, whatever it may be, is never on time because of their habit of procrastination. It just makes a person keep sitting on the thing until it becomes a hot frying pan, and by the time the person actually starts, a lot of time has been wasted already sitting on it. Without notice, if this dangerous habit has bitten you, it is time to think and take action to get it out of your life.

The victim's job was to lie on the ground and represent the one who had sustained various traumas that needed to be triaged and responded to. Rosey insisted she be our victim, and poked fun at how she didn't think she was very smart, and how she had taken special education classes in grammar school. The victims didn't need to memorize first aid techniques or how to triage. Their jobs were essentially to lie still, and to allow the other four members of the team to bandage them up according to what emergency scenario was given. The fifth member on our team was a girl named Carol. She was a year older than we were, and had some prior experience working on another competing squad from our corps. When it came time for Georgia to decide who our team captain was going to be, we all assumed it would be anyone other than Rosey or me, since we were the last two to join the group. Casey, Karen, and Carol had joined the corps much sooner than Rosey or I had. It just made sense that one of three would be given the honorable position. Fear of death and catastrophic events like pandemic and war are tricky, I answered. It's good to recognize that part of the power of these fears comes from your love and caring for Amanda and the kids. But let me ask, are you connecting with them right now? Don't let an existential fear of the future take away from your today. Tasks need to be defined and allotted in time slots as per their usefulness and importance. If a low-value assignment is given more time and high-value tasks less time, it will eventually be a wastage and ineffective time usage. Spending time on things and work that are not relevant can become an unwelcome habit and take a significant part of the day away. People who cannot differentiate between high and low-value tasks keep moving in the vicious circle of wasting time on unimportant things. You need to identify your pattern behavior and capture every trace of this habit from your life if you want to have high efficacy and value at work. If you repeatedly work on a low-value task, you will not be able to get the real worth of your value. Format Resource Three : High-Value Vs Low-Value Task Format

Create a list of low-value tasks and high-value tasks you have at hand, and observe the time allocated to them. Georgia had made it a point to make us believe the role of captain was an important one. She also made it known that whomever she chose to be the captain was someone who had impressed her not only with their first aid skill, but with their ability to stay in control under pressure, attention to detail, and leadership qualities. I was flabbergasted when she bestowed the honor on me. The truth is I wanted to be the captain, and I deserved the role as well. Seeing a chance to shine, I poured many weekend and summer hours into memorizing the The American Red Cross First Aid article. On some nights, I even skipped hanging out with the girls just so I could study the manual. Georgia tested us often, and I didn't want to disappoint her. Her opinion of me mattered significantly, and in time had grown to be ideas I happily clung to. It wasn't just the enjoyment I received from hanging out at the ambulance corps with my best friends that made me want to be a part of the Bumps and Bruises. It wasn't just the chance to be around my new crush Vinny, either. The more you worry about these big fears, the more it should push you to value what you have today. That can help lessen the fear and make it more manageable. Working in this field, I have a lot of friends and we take this seriously, I said. We talk about these things and what we can do to help. When it comes to these fears, value the bright today more than the dark tomorrow. Now, if the dark thoughts grow into something more unhealthy, you'll need to seek the help of a professional. I can help with the future, but not mental health. If you put a distorted and unconcentrated effort into a task, it takes double the time to complete it. Every time you divert from one task to another and hop to the previous one, it consumes a lot of energy and mindshare to start and resume the work.