she knew what he was up to. She merely shifted her weight in the chair and stared at her shoes once more. Silence fell on the room, and a full 2 minutes passed with their breathing the only sound. Uncomfortable not filling the space, the young woman sheepishly raised her eyes to Dr Matt. After a moment, she prompted somewhat edgily, What? He leaned toward her, and his voice was soft. I can't really know how hard it must be to hold on to all you must be carrying. But if you can't tell the whole story, I'm wondering if you can tell what is preventing you from telling the whole story. With it stemming from a long history of emotional issues, the whole world has seen the rise of psychoanalysis and various forms of talk therapy that have produced a wide range of theories and concepts about the human experience and why we have the emotions that we do. Some people will try to avoid having any negative feelings at all, stating to themselves that it is better to work toward having a life that only involves happy feelings and joy. These two emotions are wonderful and feel good, but negative emotions can actually be very important teachers. If you banish your own challenging feelings that come up, then you never give yourself a chance to honor them and why you have them, making it impossible for you to resolve them. How can you have emotional intelligence if you don't allow yourself to experience and understand ALL of the feelings you have? Emotional avoidance is common among all people, and we certainly go through varying degrees of it in our lives. Why? Why do we choose to avoid our more uncomfortable and challenging emotions? Fear is a very powerful emotion, and it has the capacity to take over the reins of your life while you sit in the passenger seat biting your nails. Certain emotions can be scary because they are a way for you to announce to yourself that what you are feeling is important, that it matters and that it could change everything. The vision of a company stays, the same, but, the mental models can change and still honor the vision. The company is clear on the vision.

To feed school kids in their school district healthy, satisfying meals for lunch. Different mental models will have different ways of doing this. Using the ideas of the employees to solve the problem of how they will make this happen. This will create teamwork and will help the team trust and respect each other because everyone is being heard. Mental models are the way we look at the world. We all look at the same problem differently because we all have different backgrounds. We all have different childhoods, experiences, beliefs, ideas. The list goes on and on. Felicia looked confused. I don't know what you mean. Look, you are a smart young woman with a big heart. But you walk around your world with your head down, and that beautiful hair covers up lovely but sad eyes. You carry yourself as though, if you try hard enough to hide, no one will see you. I've watched you intelligently and quickly understand what's up with the group members--but you hold all of us off when it comes to your story. I can't help but think something is missing; something you are not saying. So while you don't have to say it, I'm asking if you can say why you won't say it. Who are you protecting, Felicia? An example of an emotion or feeling that is scary could be loving someone for years and then noticing that you don't love them anymore and want to separate, or realizing that you know your true purpose but that you don't want to give up the security of your current profession. It can look like wanting to admit to someone close to you that you find them to be really rude and critical, but being too scared to honor those feelings, even when they hurt you.

Our emotional avoidance can lead to a life half-lived, instead of fully lived through our understanding of our feelings and our lack of fear about responding to those emotions. It certainly can take a lot of practice if you are not used to handling your feelings and your life in this way, but it is certainly worth it. All of these challenges are not specific to the empath, but to all people and if you are empathic, then you do well to understand where everyone else is coming from, too: after all, we are all in this together. For the empath, all of these things can be felt more significantly because of how powerful the gift of sensing and feeling everyone else's feelings is, and it can be hard to equate your own feelings with your own experiences versus another person's. The challenges for the empath are more intense and visceral. You are at a heightened level of emotional awareness, which is why it is that much more important to understand your own feelings. Under the surface, there are a lot of ways that you don't even realize how you are taking on unwanted energies and emotions from the surrounding environment and the people in it. You have to know what your skills are so that you can train yourself to be better able to handle all of the sensations, feelings, and situations that will present themselves to you. With different mental models, it can create one solution to solve the problem at hand. Mental models for business can change, and the company has to be willing to be flexible and adapt to the changes that need to be made to move forward and become a company that will last. Growing and learning will improve mental models. Learning new ways to think will create new connections and new mental models that will serve the individual and the company. The company has to be willing to make mental model changes often to keep up with the changing world of business. Sales are down in a company. The company looks at the data and decides to have a meeting with the sales team. The employees express how the current sales pitch isn't working the same as it once has. Lisa, one of the salespeople, invites the idea of changing the way they are doing it. After, much discussion, the sales team, and the company come together and starts to create a new plan on how to approach new customers. Felicia's insides felt as if she was hurtling down the first big drop on a rollercoaster, and she blurted, MY FAMILY! I'm protecting them!

Just as suddenly, she realized what she'd said and resumed her physical hidey hole. Dr Matt rolled his chair over to her and gently touched her hand. They're so lucky to have a family member like you, sweetie. Felicia's shoulders dropped; her stoic facade cracked, and sobs she'd held in for years began to escape. Dr Matt did not attempt to stop her; instead, he and Felicia shared the same space, just there with each other, without defense in the light of truth, but somehow safe. Several minutes later, Felicia was finally able to let go of the secret she'd deemed powerful enough to destroy her family: He--Tio Tomas--Uncle Tomas, my mom's brother; What are some of the emotional challenges for the empath? Look at the following list and see if any of these issues resonate with you and your experiences: Defining your personal emotions based on what you are feeling or sensing from someone else Lingering feelings of guilt, shame, lack of self-worth, coming from people around you Depression, anxiety, fear that result in challenges with your home, family and work-life Difficulty connecting to your own feelings at any given moment Partnerships that revolve around the other person's feelings, leaving you empty and emotionally spent Never having time to work through your own feelings because you are always working on someone else's Losing self-confidence over time because of how many people you are connecting to, or energetically absorbing Beliefs that you are not good at your gifts and skills With all the sales teams working together they come up with a great ideal that works both for the sales team and the company. The next month sales are doubled.

The sales team shifted mental models and created a new one that felt good to use. Team learning is the concept of coming together and solving a problem together. Through discussion, brainstorming, and collaboration, team learning will show your employees how to work out problems together, as a group. Team learning can foster creativity and learning. When people are put together to reach a common goal, creativity cannot help but, show up. The ideas of everyone coming together will spark excitement and create a different perspective on the situation at hand. The viewpoints of each person will be different, and this will help create a solution that will work for everyone. The unique perspective from each individual in the group will bring new light to the problem. he--he used to touch me when I was in middle school. See, I wanted to be faster at running track, and Tomas was this--Felicia held up air quotes--`superstar runner' when he was in high school. She dragged her eyes up to Dr Matt's, to see if his expression gave an indication of how he judged her now that she had given up the biggest part of the secret, but his eyes held nothing but compassion, and he gave a small nod. She continued, So, Tio Tomas suggested that we go to the track at the school by his house, and he could help me improve. Her voice thickened as she began to cry again. Dr Matt offered a tissue, and she took it. My mom was so grateful when he said he'd pick me up from school--like, he's so wonderful, you know? Then we'd go to his house so I could change clothes, and. Felicia locked her gaze on a poster depicting various feelings. She took in a shuddery breath, wiped her eyes, and sighed loudly. Fear of other people's reactions and trying to placate everyone at the expense of your own power and gift These are only some of the possibilities, and if you are an empath, you may have felt some other ideas spring up as you were reading this list.