We don't really know if that is the best quantity, and many believe that even more would be beneficial. People complain, though, that they have to go to the bathroom too often when they drink enough water--but urinating frequently is a good thing. Remember, your kidneys are excreting toxins in your urine, so it is good to go to the bathroom more often. Just keep an eye on the color of the urine and gauge if you are drinking enough. So our recommendation is to drink water often and in larger quantities. Avoid sodas and juices, which are empty calories and don't hydrate you. If you enjoy tea and coffee, understand that you're not hydrating, and drink water along with your caffeinated drinks. Your goal should be to urinate every two hours. By printing off your calendar and to-do list, you will remove the need to check your phone! As you get better and better at time-blocking your life, break down your goals and interests into bite-size chunks. So, you want to learn a new language, correct? Well, what are the first steps you need to take? Download Duolingo or some other language service and schedule time to practice this new language. How much time can you take each week, based on your current schedule, to learn this new language? How quickly do you want to learn it? There's a tremendous difference between one hour per week and four hours per week. You'll likely learn the language 4x faster with four hours per week! What will you be satisfied with? It is a positive purposeful force at the core of your being. My faith saved me.

I hurled myself into reading scripture and listening to sermons and Christian music on the radio. I joined recovery Bible studies. All of this gave me the courage and a foundation to come out of denial and into reality. I came to realize that instead of asking for what I needed and wanted, I was covertly trying to manipulate others to get what I wanted. As soon as I confessed that I had been trying to control the situations and the people in my household, God was faithful to give me strength to trust Him. Every time things worked out fine! God revealed to me that feelings of unworthiness separate us from Christ. I had to accept all of myself before I could let Christ accept me. There is no recommended amount of water to drink. Listen to your body. Listen to your thirst. Get yourself a 20-ounce bottle, fill it full of water, and drink the entire bottle three to four times a day. You will be refreshed. YOUR PRESCRIPTION Drink water often and in fairly large amounts each day. There is no substitute for water. Think about when you urinated last. Has it been a while? Over time, you'll determine which activities you need to care about and which ones you need to say no to. You'll discover this through trial and error.

You will only know what you truly care about with action. Words can only satisfy for so long. Never stop doing this. Diligence is one of the rarest things to master. Most people don't have it and, when they do, it only lasts for a brief period. To have the diligence to do something every week? That means you've figured out what you truly care about and are no longer tolerating apathy in your life. You are intentional with how you live, and you're committed to living a life of excellence for the long haul. I had to find out that there was a part of myself that I was denying. I feel several things from my culture are helpful and they are closely related to my Catholic/African-Indigenous mix. The most important one is having faith in a universal Higher Power that is in charge of everything. I am not alone. There are guiding beings, seen and unseen, often help me when I need it. I know the pain and darkness are not forever. They are only challenges that make me stronger as a person and purify my soul. With patience (Let Go) and faith (Let God), everything is possible. The key for me was moving from my rigid religious upbringing to an authentic relationship with a loving God. I have studied Jesus, Buddha, shamans, and saints, and have come to believe that a true connection to your Divine is paramount to your journey. You should try to urinate once every couple of hours. Look at your urine.

If it is dark, you need to go back and drink more water. Sleep On It Rejuvenate and detoxify by catching some Z's Dr R: When my third child was just five weeks old, I received a frantic phone call from my older son's second grade teacher. The teacher had noticed an issue with my son over the past three weeks, and she was concerned. He had become easily distracted, was not following directions, and was not completing classwork assignments, which was a big departure from the past. She felt he was showing signs of ADHD and recommended that I seek medical attention for him. The following week, my son picked up a soccer ball in the middle of a game when he was not playing the goalie position. Please do not expect this to radically transform your life overnight. I can't say it enough, but I'm convinced that nothing truly impactful happens in one evening or a single moment. It's either a culmination of various events that leads to a dramatic moment, or it's the consistent implementation of good action that causes great results. Now, all this being said, here are some stumbling blocks you will likely encounter as you implement these steps into your life: Your Friends, Family Members, Colleagues at Work, and Every Other Human on the Planet Will Think You're Weird. You'll become tremendously focused and people don't usually like that. Find better people. People will throw at you other responsibilities, activities and tasks that sound good, but only distract you from your focused goals. You'll experience brief pain when saying no, but the decision will provide lots of joy. You Will Ask Yourself Really Harsh Questions About the Goals You Wrote Down. It was about finding quiet in my soul and learning the gifts of being in all circumstances. Self-love, forgiveness, peace, and equanimity are all keys to healing that I can only find when this part of my soul has been ignited.

To me, surrender is impossible without God. Releasing my pain was only possible when I had a powerful, loving God to give it to. That represented true healing to me. I no longer deny or hold on to my pain because I now believe that something greater than me will look after it. I truly connected with my Divine by working through years of religious indoctrination to establish a connection within myself and my God. This allowed me to find the powerful gifts of surrender and forgiveness, which has resulted in peace. To genuinely resonate with peace and love in my soul was a path to healing. Even if you don't come from a background where you were introduced to a Higher Power or you do not have a history connected to a specific faith, be open to the possibility. This concerned his coach, who had worked with him for three years. My husband and I were starting to worry about these new symptoms of distraction, and, feeling very frustrated, my husband asked, What is wrong with you? Our son replied with equal frustration in his voice, It's not like I have slept since the baby was born! It was then I realized my son was suffering from poor sleep because of the daily disruptions from the baby. He hadn't had a good night's sleep in weeks. We moved my son to another bedroom so he couldn't hear the baby crying at night, and the very next day, he woke up refreshed and feeling like himself again. Within days, his concentration and strange behavior had resolved. Sleep--It's Not Just About Being Tired Sleep disorders affect 50 to 70 million Americans. Unfortunately, inadequate sleep is common in our society. Don't take yourself lightly. This is your life we're talking about.