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He'd wanted reform. Instead he was facing a complete break from the church he loved and had surrendered his life to. What followed was a rapid series of councils--with his monastic order, with church officials, with German officials--and lots of written arguments from all sides about his views. When Luther refused to recant or withdraw his previous writings, the pope excommunicated him from the church. It all culminated in the Diet of Worms, where Luther was brought before political leaders and put on trial for heresy. His life was at risk. He would not have been the first rebel burned at the stake for his revolutionary views. Luther bravely held his ground, refusing to recant unless someone could prove from Scripture that he was wrong. The Edict of Worms that followed made him an outlaw and his writings illegal. For example, they can stimulate a growth factor that appears to have a role in long-term memory, Alzheimer's, psychiatric illness, and potentially with aging. There are several different types of fasting. Intermittent fasting is an umbrella term referring to periods lasting 12 to 48 hours with no caloric intake alternating with periods of regular eating. Intermittent fasting is different from periodic fasting, where there is no caloric intake for 2 to 21 days. Common examples of intermittent fasting are caloric intake reduced to 500 to 600 calories two days per week and normal intake for five days. Alternatively, it can be zero caloric intake for two 24-hour cycles over a seven-day period and normal eating on the other days. Time-restricted feeding involves eating for short periods of time every day. For example, you might only eat during a 6- to 12-hour period during the daytime and fast the other 12 to 18 hours. We are big fans of intermittent fasting and time-restricted feeding. Dr R often does intermittent fasting, and Dr A practices time-restricted feeding; Having a healthy body and mind is the first rule towards a happy life.

With an ailing body, no amount of wealth or other bounties will be of help. Eat well, exercise daily and try to stick to a routine. We all have a child in us throughout our lives that is ignored as we grow up. Remember how happy we used to be over small things during our childhood. Don't wait for some bigger reasons to be happy. Rather, be happy like a kid for simpler things like - a wonderful evening well spent, your favorite ice cream flavor, finding your old picture album etc Be a child and enjoy all the amazing things that life has to offer. There isn't a single person in this world who has not have dealt with some frustration at some point. Life isn't always about minus problems but it entails frustration too, and it would be futile to even expect the opposite. To get things under control try to rise above the issues and let It was a crime to offer Luther food and shelter, and he was to be captured, even if he was killed in the process. It was on the way home from this Diet of Worms, under the shadow of this Edict, that Luther was kidnapped by friends, with the help of a supportive local political figure, Elector Frederick the Wise, and hidden in Wartburg Castle. No one knew of his whereabouts. Some assumed he was dead. There he sat for ten months. Excommunicated from the church. A fugitive. Under threat of death. With an exploding religious movement under his care. All within four years of his first call for debate over the Ninety-Five Theses. Even if overall caloric intake doesn't decrease with time-restricted feeding, studies show there is still improvement in glucose regulation (blood sugar levels), blood pressure, heart rates, endurance, and loss of abdominal fat.

This benefit appears to come from the change in metabolism that occurs when someone goes from a period of eating to a period of fasting. Multiple studies have looked at how fasting improves the health of rodents, larger animals, and even humans (although there are only a few studies on humans to date). They've shown reductions in body weight,4,5 total cholesterol,6,7 triglycerides,7,8 and glucose,6,9 with time-restricted feeding. In rats, reductions in inflammatory markers were also seen. What is even more interesting is that during fasting there appears to be repair of DNA and the removal of damaged or unwanted particles (autophagy), as well as an increased level of antioxidant protection and a reduction of inflammation. Both the process of autophagy and the action of antioxidants are key for fighting free radicals, oxidants, and cancer cells! Fasting also has a role in increasing endurance. In some small animals, fasting was also shown to improve balance and coordination. In a trial of men, one group did resistance training and no fasting, one group did just time-restricted feeding for eight hours, and one group did both. Stop trying to control everyone and everything. Sway with the times and keep calm. Obsession to keep in control will interfere with your happiness. One of the biggest mistakes we make is to ponder too much over the past as well as the future. Live in the present and enjoy it to the hilt. You cannot change the past nor do you know what the future holds, but you can enjoy the present. A purposeful life will keep you constructively busy and keep negative thoughts away. Living without any objective or goal will have your happiness devoured by pessimism. Set up goals that would give you enough reasons to hop around enthusiastically every day, helping you bring happiness in your life. You have to try being a selfless giver in order to understand how you may feel after that. All before his fortieth birthday.

It's enough to make my head spin. It's no wonder Luther speaks of emotional, mental, and spiritual trials while he's in Wartburg Castle. He was stricken by health problems that brought physical agony. He was isolated and lonely, cut off from his closest friends during a volatile season, begging them to write, wary of revealing his location. He once again battled the anfechtung of the monastery, once again fought his infirmity of spirit and of faith. In spite of these struggles, Luther's productivity was superhuman. During his time in Wartburg, he wrote several pamphlets explaining and defending the Reformation, and he translated the entire New Testament into German in a matter of weeks. Some point to this unbelievable productivity and claim there's no way Luther could have been depressed. Others point to it as evidence that he was throwing ink at the Devil10 as a means to keep his dark and morbid thoughts at bay. The study showed that after thirty days, the men who did both lost both fat mass and weight. Interestingly, the resistance training only and the fasting group only showed no differences. In addition, working out while fasting also improves the amount of fat burning during periods of exercise and appears to reduce appetite following workouts. In essence, fasting can increase the weight loss benefits of exercise. Please consult with your doctor before you start fasting, especially if you have diabetes and are on insulin, so he or she can assess your medical condition and help you adjust your medications, if necessary. Incorporate workouts while fasting if your physician approves. Only drink water or tea during fasting; Most people are pleasantly surprised at how easy this 12-hour window is. Often, after a few weeks, they are able to decrease the window for eating to eight hours per day. Don't worry if getting to eight hours is too difficult; Give your time, money, attention and your soul will glow sparklingly.

Ensure that you give without expecting anything in return. Those dwell in their past, however good or bad, tend to remain unhappy. Since nothing can be done for what has passed, don't waste Rather, focus on the present that is well within your control. To remain happy, you need to embrace thankfulness. Don't forget to be thankful amidst the materialistic world. Being grateful will keep you satiated even in paucity. Since acquisition has no limit, being thankful for what we possess will balance our perceptions. Don't worry over menial issues like what to wear, when to eat, where to go etc If you are alive, earning well, managing your family, and having sound physical and mental health, then stop fussing over the small stuff. When I read Luther's own words, I can't help but believe it's the latter. THE DEVIL LIES IN WAIT FOR YOU Luther's understanding of the devil's role in the world is worth noting here. It's particularly important in light of how depression has been overspiritualized and treated poorly at times. In Luther's view, the world was awash with spiritual forces at work behind the scenes, and the devil was constantly wreaking havoc. It should come as no surprise, then, that he understood the source of his (and others') depressions to be the devil himself. Depression and other mental illnesses were no different. Luther said of suicide, 'Tis the devil who has put the cord round their necks, or the knife to their throats. Scripture tells us that our enemy, the devil, seeks to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10), and in this sense, even coming from a modern, Western worldview, we can recognize his delight in seeing us robbed of pleasure, dead in spirit, and possibly destroying our bodies. So when you read about Luther attributing depression to the devil or including fighting the devil as part of his suggested cure, view his words in light of his worldview as a whole. There are so many potential benefits to fasting, so give it a try and see if you like the way you feel and change.