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My stepmom went crazy. She shouldn't have been so angry in front of us. More resources like reading material about sex addiction. Questions should be accepted, even welcomed, so the family unit can face the problem in its entirety. A qualified therapist present would make the disclosure much easier. A counselor who didn't just work with my dad would have been better. I should have been taken to counseling again when I got a couple years older. ONGOING HEALING Nitrates, which are used as preservatives in meat, have been associated with poor dilation of the blood vessels (endothelial dysfunction) and insulin resistance. We also know from Caldwell Esselstyn's recent work at the Cleveland Clinic that adhering to a strictly plant-based diet can reduce plaque and increase blood flow to previously restricted areas. Red meat is also associated with increased risk of many cancers. When that meat darkens on the grill and is well done, HCAs are produced and appear to cause cancer. Even the excess iron in red meat may trigger some of these potential carcinogens. The data is compelling regarding this elimination. Red meat and eggs should be eliminated. We know this seems drastic. However, the impact of illness cannot be underestimated. These changes can happen, and if you want to be healthy, you must make them. We teach them the real truths about growing a business and provide them the tools to get their business growing. It requires dedicated, hard work, but after just a few months of dedication, it becomes so much easier for the once struggling business owner to now thrive.

There's a reason why Redmond Growth has grown from 30 clients to 130 clients in three years. This stuff works! It even worked for my sister who wanted help with managing her life. My sister doesn't own a business, but we talked during Thanksgiving about how I've positively grown in my life and what our consulting firm teaches business owners on time management. She then replies, I feel like I have no command over my time or schedule! Can you help me? I enjoy this relationship a lot because, (1) she's not paying me so I feel no pressure to keep her as a client. I feel no pressure to make her grow faster to validate paying me, so we can go as slow as we need. Discussing the situation will undoubtedly elicit a multitude of feelings for every family member. At the time of the sharing and after, parents and clinicians need to be willing and available to listen and validate the children's feelings. This may be very painful for parents but it is a necessary part of healing for the family. As an adult child responded in her questionnaire: Truth, even if in very small pieces, can lighten the load. Shame is a burden we as children should not have to bear. Of course you do not want to cause your children pain, but that ideal is lost in the act of the addiction. Parents must forgive themselves for their behavior, move on in recovery, and learn recovery skills. Those skills begin with honesty to yourself and then to appropriate others. You may be wondering how much you should update your children during the recovery process. Our recommendation is to start slowly, but deliberately. What about fish and poultry?

Eventually, we think we should eliminate at least all of the chicken we eat. People are focused on chicken as a healthier option than red meat, and while it may be a slightly healthier option, it is not all that healthful. Intake of chicken has grown significantly since the 1980s, and the consumption of red meat has gone down by 30 percent, but chronic illnesses persist and continue to increase. Chicken is still too inflammatory for our bodies; We know this is tough love, but as heart-health expert Dr Caldwell Esselstyn says, Moderation kills. After red meat and eggs, we recommend eliminating all chicken from our diets. Fish is the only food for which we have substantial evidence of lowering the risk of sudden death and coronary heart disease, probably due to its abundance of omega-3 fatty acids (more on fatty acids on articles 93-96). While we are not fish eaters, there is some evidence to support its benefit, so if you want to keep any meat, keep the fish. She's already seeing benefit in just a month of weekly calls and action items. Someone who is coachable and is willing to do the action items will always see great results. That's a fact! (My Sister with her three kids) The problem arises when someone looks for help, but they are not responsive to the methods. It's annoying when someone needs the tools you've mastered, but they question the validity of doing anything you ask them to do. It's frustrating when your friend is asking you for advice, but they want you to do everything for them. In really, few are willing to ask themselves the tough, honest questions about what they're willing to do. As one of the great leaders of America put it, Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. Several years after an initial disclosure, my husband's acting out worsened and we didn't tell our children. They didn't need to know the ups and downs of our marriage.

But when the day came that we decided we needed a separation, we told our three children, now aged nineteen to twenty-five, of their father's escalating sexual behavior and that together we had made the decision to have a therapeutic separation. Then we explained what that meant. In this process, knowing that two of our children were struggling with committed relationships, I decided it was time I shared a secret only my husband knew: that a few years back, in my anger, I had an affair. My rationale in telling them was that it was time for the family secrets to end and to help my kids see how people do hurtful things when they are angry. I didn't expect or ask for understanding or forgiveness; I just needed honesty. Our kids struggled with their own immediate anger, fear, and sadness. But ours was a family wherein the parenting from both my husband and me was strong. It is interesting to note that the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico are known as wellness warriors, because they are extremely active mountain runners and have virtually no coronary artery disease (heart disease clogs). Their diet is at least 90 percent beans and maize. Ninety-four percent of their protein comes from vegetable sources; Of their fat intake, 33 percent is from vegetables and 67 percent comes from animals. Their cholesterol is derived from two eggs per week and rare servings of meat. The main source of calcium is corn tortillas made on limestone slabs, so the tortillas absorb some of the calcium from the limestone. Are we saying there is no room for an occasional meat dish? That's a difficult question. We know that eating meat is not good for our bodies. After three months of healing the microbiome, can our bodies tolerate a little meat? There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. - Martin Luther King Jr.

So Will We Change? The depressing answer is that most won't. There've been plenty of facts and statistics and studies about the realities of humanity here. You've read about people who are making a tremendous impact. You've read about my life and how I'm making steady improvements to be less apathetic. So, why shouldn't you be able to change? Take a look at what's going on with your life and ask yourself, What's a real, simple thing I could do right now? Pick one thing in your mind to focus on. All three kids, without offering resistance, accepted what we needed to do to help our marriage. Your children of any age do not need to be kept abreast of the day-to-day progress of either your or your partner's recovery. They need to be allowed to focus on what is most relevant to their lives (such as school, friends, work, or newly created families or careers). Regardless of age, they need and desire your well-being. Their lives are more secure knowing their parents are attending to their recovery practices. Teens and older children can make sense of the overall picture, but giving them details of the addicted parent's triggers or relapses (unless that information has a direct impact on their lives) violates a healthy parent-child boundary. Beyond Disclosure Stopping the possibility of a generational legacy involves more than a candid conversation. It really begins with your recovery as parents. Whether or not they are aware of the sexual acting out, children are much more impacted by the family dynamics. Perhaps--it's hard to say for sure. Dr A knows that with her chronic illness, she doesn't have room for maybe.