Canola and olive oils are probably the best oils to cook with. If you feel as if you need more substance, eat nuts, seeds, and avocado. They are calorie-dense and will make you feel full, but too many will cause weight gain. There is no magic food. There is no food you can eat that will balance out the bad foods you're eating. Eat balanced. Spice It Up WITH THE SPICES (AND HERBS) OF LIFE The 100 hours it took me to create the 1st draft for this article were spent outside of my work obligations. Well, actually, I got curious about whether it legitimately took me 100 hours to write the 1st draft of this article. It turns out, I wrote the 1st draft in UNDER 100 hours! After investigating how I blocked out my time in the calendar, here are the statistics on what it took to write the 1st draft of this article: The total amount of time spent writing the 1st draft? I started writing outlines for the article on August 31st, 2019. I finished the 1st draft on December 28th, 2019. So it took me approximately four months to write the 1st draft. These hours did not include time spent reading articles or listening to interviews during the four month period. There were likely more than 80 hours that contributed to the 1st draft. Operating from this misguided viewpoint of forgiveness just made me more toxic. I would forgive him verbally and then throw it back in his face at the first sign of trouble.

It fed my superiority and confusion. It also kept me in a dangerous place of denying the resentment. You can't heal from what you don't own. I first had to experience the pain rather than medicate it through busyness or helping others. As a perpetual happy-face wife, I had to get to the root of my anger and do some releasing. It was hard work, considering it was buried so deep. But a wonderful freedom comes from congruence and authenticity! Upon experiencing and feeling honest emotions, I was then able to release it. The flavorful and ancient anti-inflammatory medicine cabinet in our kitchens Spices are an essential part of any diet. They are very potent in decreasing inflammation and have many medicinal properties. Spices have been an important part of life for millennia, long praised for their flavors, aromas, and medicinal properties. There are Egyptian documents tracing the use of spices as early as 2000 to 1500 BCE showing how the role of spices as medicine was appreciated. These documents note the benefits of anise, mustard, saffron, and cinnamon. Egyptians used cinnamon for mummification. Cinnamon was put in vials and placed in pharaohs' coffins to accompany them to the afterlife. Notably, cinnamon is not endemic to ancient Egypt, suggesting spice trading occurred that long ago. Notes written in 950 BCE mention an incense route followed by traders carrying spices from Asia to Europe. I only spent 30 days actually working on the article. Whether it was one hour or 6 1/2 hours in a day, I interacted with the 1st draft on 30 separate days.

So, technically, I could have finished my 1st draft in one month. How could I possibly look back almost a year in the past and find accurate numbers on how and when I spent my time? I did the five steps all the way back in article one! Need a reminder? First Step: Specifically identify all the things you want to solve. My specific thing I wanted to solve was writing the 1st draft of this article. Second Step: Find out how to solve the problems you just wrote down. How do I write the 1st draft of my article? A very valuable tool for me to come to a place of genuine forgiveness with both my husband's acting out and my father's raging behavior was to start seeing them in their own woundedness; Hurt people hurt people. In one of my groups, we were led through a visualization in which we got in touch with our inner child. Then we were to see our abuser as a child as well. In the exercise we introduced the two pure little children and I visualized them walking off together hand in hand, unfettered by the pains that drove their adult actions. It was a beautiful way for me to see them for who they were at their core rather than simply by their actions. This was another step to letting go of the resentments and anger I was carrying and to honor the soul instead of continuing to focus on the behavior. To this day I find this exercise very helpful when I can't seem to get past a behavior that disturbs me. It may be easier to appreciate what forgiveness is by recognizing what forgiveness is not. The following thoughts may be helpful to you as you sort through your feelings and come to terms with the role of forgiveness in your healing. Spices were coveted and traded for large sums of gold and silver. When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 80 BCE, he established Alexandria in Egypt as a port for spice trade.

Romans and Greeks viewed spices as markers of wealth and luxury; They also valued the medicinal properties of spices. During the eighth to fifteenth centuries, spice trade was an important form of commerce dominated by the republic of Venice. Spices were moved from Asia to Europe with the help of Arab middlemen. In the fifteenth century, Spain and Portugal attempted to thwart the Venetian monopoly and sent Christopher Columbus to find India via a western route. It was on that trip that he discovered America. Over the following centuries, the Dutch, Spanish, French, and British colonized all the countries that could provide an abundance of spices. By the end of the seventeenth century, the Dutch East India Company was the richest corporation in the world, showing how much spices were valued. You put together an outline plan of how you think the articles should break down, but you just have to START WRITING! Third Step: Schedule when and how frequently you will take action. From writing outlines to reading articles to referencing articles and interviews to proofreading so I don't sound like a complete idiot, everything needs to be scheduled in a calendar! Honestly, I wasn't exactly sure when I wanted to get this 1st draft done. As it got closer to the end of the year and as I continued to make headway, I realized that a great goal would be to finish the first draft by the end of 2019. To ensure that I actually finish the article by the end of 2019, I execute the third step again and again. Fourth Step: Honor your calendar. How does it benefit me to schedule blocks in my calendar to work on the article and then NOT work on the article? This is when I tell myself motivating, encouraging comments like, Harley, don't be an idiot and lie to yourself. Honor your calendar. Forgiveness is not forgetting what has happened. Your past experiences and pain have a great deal to teach you about not being victimized again and about not victimizing others.

Forgiving the people who hurt you does not mean you condone or absolve them of their behavior. You are not saying that what was done to you was acceptable or unimportant or was not hurtful. It was important, it hurt, and it has made a difference in your life. Forgiveness doesn't erase what he has done. He is still responsible for the harm his behavior has created. Forgiveness doesn't mean you are never angry again about what occurred. What happened to you was not right; For that you may always feel anger. Why are spices so valued? Because of their potential role in health. Spices are concentrated forms of the most potent parts of the plants they come from. Spices are full of phytonutrients. Recall, phytonutrients are involved in cell signaling and communication, the information pathway in the body. We have established that phytonutrients are found in fruits and vegetables. However, some phytonutrients can be found only in spices. When phytonutrients are involved in cell signaling, they have the potential to turn inflammatory cascades on and off. In that way, spices can be beneficial in reducing inflammation and oxidative stresses. So what do spices contain that can be found nowhere else? Fifth Step: Repeat. That's it.