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This is the paradox of life. The more we want predictability and control, the more we suffer. But when we can train ourselves to sit in the discomfort over and over again, life becomes exciting. The discomfort is deliberate and on purpose. You have to delay the gratification and not get caught up in the current evidence. Don't define yourself by your current results. So yes, I can help. That's why I wrote this article, and why you're reading it, to come up with a new way to think about the future. I can't tell you your future. Only you can do that. That's why you need to be wary of people who tell you that they know your future. Only you can know your future. I can help by giving you the right tools. I can show you ways to not only imagine yourself in the future you want but also identify the pragmatic steps needed to get there. Now you know that the future isn't a fixed destination, that you have the power to move toward a different future. And that prompts another question. If your actions are not taking you closer to your goals, you need to change your action plan. You need to come up with a new action plan to achieve your goals. You do not need to be angry or beat yourself when your actions do not give you the results you want. You need to make a new plan and follow through again on that newly created plan.

Remember, if you use GPS and suddenly miss an exit, the GPS starts to reroute you. You will not get angry with the GPS. Instead, you begin to follow the new route that the GPS offers. You know that the GPS wants to take you to your desired destination. When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal. Napoleon Hill Give up being a victim and stop struggling. You have to give up whoever or whatever it is you're blaming for your past and current circumstances. Keep your thoughts, feelings, and actions on the results you want, not the results you have. Examine your thoughts that have created your current life and ask yourself, Am I willing to let those thoughts go? Designing the life you want means taking full responsibility for your thoughts and the actions created by them - and that means creating different thoughts and actions than the ones that got you to where you are now. You can't change the world and then change yourself. You have to change yourself first. This is where your Authentic Self comes in. Your current life is a reflection of what your Inner Critic has been telling you and what you've believed were your own beliefs. When you access your Authentic Self, you are getting to the mind that lies underneath your IC mind. Where do you want to go? What is the future you want? To answer that, you need to imagine yourself in your future, to dream a new dream for your tomorrow. And that takes us to our second key truth about the future.

Truth 2: The Future Will Not Look Like a Science Fiction Movie When people try to imagine their future, they usually use the one thing they have been shown their whole lives that focuses on the subject: science fiction. And why not? It makes perfect sense. We spend our lives looking at images, most of them moving images, of the future. We've seen what space travel will look like (The Martian, Ad Astra, Gravity); Be persistent because persistency is power. Persistency is one of the most crucial steps in achieving your desire. Failure cannot cope with persistence. Napoleon Hill What is forgiveness? Why we don't forgive? What will we get once we forgive? What is forgiveness, and why people need to forgive someone even that person gave pain? Forgiveness is a way that helps you to remove the negative energy related to that person from your mind. Whenever you forgive someone who hurt you, it enables you to let go of that person's negative memory from your mind. By continually unhooking from your IC thoughts, you train your mind into new beliefs that serve the life you want to create. Your new mind, the one where your Authentic Self is in charge, is the roadmap you want to create. Not the map created by your IC, who tells you how hard things have been and how painful things are going to be. Allow your AS to guide you in thinking about your goal as if it's already here, taking the actions consistent with that goal, and then doing it over and over again.

Step Five: Observe Your Inner Critic in Survival Mode Remember that your IC is designed around fear, which, from an evolutionary standpoint, keeps humans alive. Remember that old commercial trying to illustrate the effects of drug abuse by cracking an egg into a hot frying pan and the announcer saying, This is your brain on drugs? Similarly, when your IC speaks, this is just your brain on fear. Your IC's reactions are actually built into your DNA to help you survive. But when you use the part of your brain that is connected to fear, you're using a part that's incapable of reason, creativity, and compassion. Artificial Intelligence, The Terminator); Science fiction is a rich and fabulous realm of possibilities for the future. Why shouldn't we dip into it as the raw material when imagining a future of our own? Well, simply put, because it's also completely wrong. Allow me to explain . First off, if you haven't figured it out already, I'm a geek, a huge and unashamed nerd. I love everything science and everything science fiction. As I mentioned previously, I'm also a science fiction writer--my novel WaR: Wizards and Robots tells the story of time-traveling cyborgs and a reluctant teen heroine who stands between the bad bots and planet Earth's total annihilation. So yeah, I'm pretty into the genre. I mean, who doesn't love movies where massive thinking machines fight for control of our planet in the major cities across the world, destroying themselves in the process? People don't like to forgive someone if that person hurts them because they think they will not be fair with themselves if they forgive that person. Let me give you an analogy to understand better why you should forgive the person who hurt you. Imagine holding a hot coal in your hands, intending to hurt the person that hurt you. Can you burn that person first by holding on to that burning coal in your hands?

Think about it the person will not burn, but you will burn your hands due to that action. I want you to understand better the importance of forgiving; I want to share a true story about one of my old friends. My friend's name is Michelle, and she was from Canada. She always had many misunderstandings with her mother, and that caused her not to like her mother. I talked with her mother many times, and I have found that her mother's intentions were protection for her, but Michelle always thought that her mother was too controlling. Instead, you're using a part that's a reactive, reflexive machine, pre-programmed since birth to prioritize perceived safety over joy. Your IC mind is basically incapable of rational thought. Worse, your IC actually prevents you from accessing the part of your brain that is! And because your brain doesn't know the difference between a real threat and a perceived threat, you're often using your IC mind to try to predict and control your future. This is sheer, instinctive survival - the direct opposite of designing your life from the future. When you design your life from the future, you connect to something greater than yourself. You know that wherever life will take you, you will be able to handle it. You can cultivate a state of gratitude because you feel that the future you're designing has already happened. Because you trust in a future that you can't see, you can relax into the present and no longer live in survival-based fear mode. The old thoughts and feelings from your IC are now liberated because you know that those thoughts and feelings are nothing more than old habits of thinking. Here's the thing, though: when I stopped being a ten-year-old nerd reading science fiction articles in the computer lab at school and started being an adult, everything changed. Science fiction is all fun and games, but if we're going to do the real work of thinking about the future, it's important to leave science fiction at the door. The future doesn't work like that. Science fiction is great entertainment, but you shouldn't use it as the basis for your life planning.