Of course life sometimes gets that busy that it gets missed. I like to pay attention to how I do things in life. One such busy time resulted in me writing one sentence only in my journal: Honesty creates the space for the release to happen all by itself.' Given a second chance, would you change things or would you decide that the "familiar" was safer, and you'd just stick with what you had? <a href='http://www.kaaq.org/index.php?document_srl=2937401'>Would</a> you grab the second chance or would you choke at the last minute, afraid to venture into something new? <a href='https://www.dailystrength.org/journals/use-a-content-delivery-network-for-seo-benefits'>Would</a> you settle for what you have because you fear that there is nothing else out there for you? <a href='http://www.kaaq.org/index.php?document_srl=2939403'>You</a> are about to find out that these are not just "hypothetical" questions. <a href='http://seohull.strikingly.com/blog/forum-signatures-build-seo-links'>You</a> are about to discover that you have a whole lot more choice about what happens in your life than you could ever imagine. <a href='http://seohull.strikingly.com/blog/advanced-detection-of-google-duplicates-requires-special-work'>You</a> are about to learn how to unravel your past in such a way that it no longer can control you and your future. <a href='http://seohull.strikingly.com/blog/keep-it-natural-for-impressive-seo'>This</a> is a journey that begins with you refusing to accept and even make excuses for you and your life. <a href='http://seohull.strikingly.com/blog/advanced-detection-of-google-duplicates-requires-special-work'>If</a> you don't have what you want and need, you must be willing to say so, and say so with conviction. <a href='http://searchmarketing.strikingly.com/blog/heading-structure-for-your-single-posts'>You</a> might also want to give that experience a number from 1 to 10 and predict how difficult that experience might be to connect with emotionally. <a href='http://searchmarketing.strikingly.com/blog/the-first-major-choice-should-be-hosting-location'>For</a> example, if you were raped in college and that memory has been hidden in your closet completely untouched, it might be a 9 or a 10. <a href='http://searchmarketing.strikingly.com/blog/be-active-on-google-to-improve-ranking'>Other</a> painful experiences might not be as dramatic but still be important. <a href='http://cranberry.hatenablog.com/entry/2018/01/10/003000'>For</a> example, if you have a learning disability and school was very hard for you, or you had a stepparent who never paid attention to you, these long-standing experiences may rank very high. <a href='http://cranberry.hatenablog.com/entry/2018/01/10/142743'>As</a> you can see, body image is complicated: It's shaped by your history as well as your here and now. <a href='http://cranberry.hatenablog.com/entry/2018/01/10/013000'>It's</a> influenced by other people--your relationships from the past as well as the present ones--and by personal factors, from your mood and beliefs, to your body type and weight. <a href='https://ameblo.jp/basic0908/entry-12343355339.html'>And</a> it's also affected by outside forces, like our culture. <a href='https://ameblo.jp/basic0908/entry-12343355483.html'>Taking</a> the time to assess how you view your body, and why, is the first step to understanding and accepting yourself. <a href='https://ameblo.jp/basic0908/entry-12343355681.html'>Then</a> you can begin to gradually chip away at the forces that have contributed to your poor body image. <a href='http://topseoblog.blogsky.com/1396/10/20/post-39/Set-up-301-redirects'>While</a> our spirits are such vital parts of us, it seems we talk very little about them. <br /><br /><a href='http://topseoblog.blogsky.com/1396/10/20/post-40/Are-Press-Releases-right-for-SEO'>So</a> what are our spirits, how can we touch them, and why do they sparkle so brightly? <a href='http://topseoblog.blogsky.com/1396/10/20/post-41/Linking-to-popular-or-recent-posts'>While</a> they like to think they run the show and we often unwittingly let them, the highest essence of ourselves is not our thoughts. <a href='http://basic0908.spruz.com/pt/Analysing-The-Data-with-Analytics.1-10-2018/blog.htm'>If</a> we can notice, intercept and change our thoughts, we must exist beyond our thoughts. <a href='https://www.kiwibox.com/basic0908/blog/entry/142937079/search-engines-don-t-like-familiar-or-generic-content/?pPage=0'>We</a> are the thinkers of our thoughts! <a href='https://seohullblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/10/get-free-seo-tips-from-us/'>What</a> about our emotions? <a href='http://searchmarketing.beep.com/why-not-use-the-w3c-validator-2018-01-10.htm'>Are</a> they at the helm? <a href='https://www.dailystrength.org/journals/pay-attention-to-your-weekly-click-through-rate'>While</a> our emotions are also essential parts of us and, a little like our thoughts, fancy themselves to be in charge, our emotions are not our highest essence either; they are expressions of it. <a href='https://medium.com/@gazhallseo/choose-your-keywords-really-carefully-58754595563'>Real</a> emotions are raw, spontaneous, involuntary, sometimes even beyond our control. <a href='https://basic0908.jimdo.com/2018/01/10/seo-makes-dollars-sense/'>By</a> nature, emotions orfeelings' are truthful barometers of our wild and free inner states. They are the guiding whispers from the world of our spirits into our earthly realms. While our bodies are also very important homes for us on our earthly journey, they cannot be our highest essence. There is an intelligence that is at all times directing and affecting the health, energy, motion and vitality of our physical bodies. We need only think of our heartbeats, in-breaths and out-breaths: the things our bodies just do unthinkingly, moment to moment. The involuntary little messages from our higher selves that channel through our minds and surface in our physical bodies are also wonderful to get curious about - from the fluttering heartbeats when we are in love to the butterflies in our stomachs when we feel nervous or excited. Consider the tiredness you experience when feeling blue, or the refreshment you can suddenly feel with timely inspiration. Our minds and bodies are at all times in conversation with one another, but facilitating the chatter is a higher consciousness altogether. You grow up learning to tell white lies to not hurt the feelings of others. The difficulty arises when you are not honest with yourself. In Ancient Egyptian belief, at the point of death you enter the halls where the Goddess MAAT weighs your heart. The feather of truth is put on one side of her scales and your heart on the other.

Then you are required to answer a set of searching questions. Psychoanalysts take years to do this in a modern format of the same idea. Me, I like to work in a different way with my clients. I like to work a lot quicker than that. I tend to use the mountains for my clients when weather permits. In the openness of horizons, in the silence of the hills, the ability to open up, to face the truth of where you are and what you are doing becomes easier. In that honesty, in that space, the healing happens all by itself. Whether it is the mountains or not, the honesty is a major tool to move forward. When you ask someone, "Who are you?" you'll hear a lot of them answer, "Well, I'm a mom." "I'm a doctor." "I'm a plumber." "I'm a wife." "I'm an accountant." "I am the mayor." "I live in Beverly Hills." You even hear your children do it: "I'm a cheerleader; football player; honor student; troublemaker." Both children and adults don't answer about who they are; they answer about what they do, what their social station is, or how they see their function in life. They define themselves by their jobs or their roles. They answer with "what" they do, because they can't answer with "who" they are. They can't tell you who they are, because they don't know. Yes, you exist at many levels, and the behavioral plane is one of them. What you do is certainly a factor in who you are. But there is a whole other level of existence, distinct from what you do, that is the real, true, genuine sum and substance of who you are. For lack of a better word, that real, true, genuine identity is what I have been referring to as your authentic self. I would predict that you would have a hard time describing your authentic self to someone else because you probably haven't seen or in any way been in contact with that part of yourself in a long, long time, if ever. You can certainly have healthy coping skills and still experience perfectly hidden depression. PHD is on a spectrum and, even if present, it doesn't mean that you don't have wonderful healthy qualities innate within you. Please take a moment to sit and identify the strengths you already possess.

Acknowledge those that will help you learn and practice the new ideas and behaviors in this book. Which have helped you in the past and are positives in your skill set? Patience? Consistency? Humor? Curiosity? You might go back to your mantra from your very first reflection and remind yourself of what's going to give you hope and encouragement along the way. You're doing a wonderful job! Before we go any further, it's important to clarify three potential misconceptions about perfectly hidden depression so that you can more confidently go forward and uncover what's underneath that perfect persona you show others. Hopefully, these three ideas will help create a better definition of what perfectly hidden depression isn't and what you shouldn't expect of yourself through this process. Do you spend too much time criticizing your body, focusing on the negative, and ignoring the positive? You may not even be aware of this negative self-talk, in which case you'll have to make an effort to notice how often you harbor negative thoughts about your body. Do you ever take the time to really look at your body--for example, when you get out of the shower or as you're undressing--or do you avoid the mirror at all costs because you are disgusted with your body? Does this self-loathing drain your energy and affect your relationships at work and at home? Try the following exercises once a week for the next few months and train yourself to look at your body in a more positive light by identifying your signature body strengths. You may be resistant to doing some of these exercises, but I encourage you to give them a try. They've been very effective for many of my clients. Fascinatingly, as our bodies grow and change through life affected by ageing, gravity and journeys of all kinds, as our thoughts and emotions shift, there is a timeless inner part of us that glistens independently of such changes. This is where we begin to recognise our spirits, and acknowledge them as the divine, magical parts of us they truly are. Our spirits are the blissful sparkles with which we are born, and the unique lights that we continue to shine beyond earthly physical reality.

Indeed, we will all one day pass into spirit again, joining all those with whom we walk and share this life. We truly are magical beings, in a constant dance with all things seen and unseen. Remember In. This question has an anatomical solution, and you know this solution. You have learned it at school. Earlier, it might have appeared like I was giving teachers a hard time; now, I am not. There are good teachers, excellent teachers, and incompetent teachers, no different from any other profession in the world. Coaches and authors for instance. One of the people who has had the biggest influence on me in my corporate career was Dr Edwards Deming. The six-sigma process application5 (non business people may have to Google that) states that it is the system that is at fault - not the person. The facts are inside of you now. Nobody taught you how to access information easily at any time you desire, like a song title or artist that is on the tip of your tongue or in the back of your mind. I want that thought to continue in your mind. Now, your unconscious brain will busily wonder about that statement. Your conscious brain may wander away from it for the remainder of the chapters while you are reading and processing the rest of the book. Rest assured that I will keep reminding you to `Remember In'. So: Let's get real. Who are you? Why are you doing what it is that you do? Is what you are doing with your life something that reflects and utilizes who you really are?